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Nike Run Club launches a new update for Apple Watch

Nike Run Club has released new app updates for the Apple Watch, offering a more immersive experience to enrich the running experience before, during and after each session. NRC has included a host of features that runners can access before starting their workouts, namely a quick start button, total monthly miles, and guided runs with new content and illustrations, to name a few. "Offering an even more immersive experience to motivate runners before, during and after races, Nike Run Club releases new app updates for the latest Apple Watch Nike," it says Press release. The first new addition is a modular sports watch face that is now available for Apple Watch Nike wearables. The update also includes new metrics that help measure each step, while showing "average pace" and overa...
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Gen Z body positive influencer Hippy Potter is shattering model standards

There are a few questions in life that seem to always leave us stumped, resulting in us obsessively rehearsing our answers or even delivering clichés in an attempt to save face. Common examples that come to mind are the textbook, “Where do you see yourself in five years?” or even something as simple as “How are you feeling?” There’s one question, however, that takes a bit more thought, as it often molds the first impression someone has of you: “How would you describe yourself?”When I posed this question to 24-year-old Black, queer, plus-size influencer Thaddeus Coates, he didn’t even hesitate before delivering an unexpected but visceral response: “I like to describe myself as 100 percent pure sunshine.”Seconds after divulging one of the most original and self-aw...