Sunday, December 6

Nicole Ciravolo

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Actress highlights sexism of high school dress codes in series of TikToks

If you went to a high school with any sort of dress code, then you’ll relate to this viral TikTok series created by Nicole Ciravolo.On July 18, the 22-year-old actress uploaded a video in which she plays a school secretary who “does not f*** around.”In her first POV video, Ciravolo talks to a teenage girl who is sent to the office because her tank top is “distracting.”Throughout the interaction, Ciravolo’s character expresses disbelief about the entire situation.“It’s a tank top. It’s 90 degrees outside. The only reason I’m not wearing a tank top is because it’s 45 degrees in this office,” her character says to the scared student.“No, you will not be seeing the principal,” she continues. “I will actually be handling this. Don’t you worry.”...