Sunday, November 29

New York

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Pretty Big Movement founder Akira Armstrong discusses motivation behind curvy dance troupe

Professional dancer Akira Armstrong had a pretty big idea in 2008 after enduring multiple unsuccessful casting calls.The plus-size Bronx, N.Y., native, who has been dancing since she was 8 years old, told In The Know that facing repeated rejection due to her size and “aesthetic” fueled her to create her own lane in the world of the performing arts — and thus, Pretty Big Movement was born.“I think people in the industry are still afraid of accepting plus-size [people] because … we’re different,” Armstrong explained. “We’re not the ‘perfect’ aesthetic.”“I had to fight through a lot of things. You know, I had to always prove myself to be accepted, and I just got tired of that,” she said. “I knew that there were other women like me who have the same plight that n...
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New York City reports zero new coronavirus deaths for the first day since the pandemic began

UPDATE: Back in early June NYC reported zero coronavirus deaths, a number that unfortunately was updated as new information came in. This latest update appears to represent a more certain statistic. Even if there's an adjustment, it's clear that New York City has made an incredible evolution from the world's epicenter of the virus to one that has become America's shining light for paving a path forward to all other major cities and locales in how to combat this deadly disease. According to Bloomberg News, NYC coronavirus deaths peaked at 799 in one day back on April 9th. "New Yorkers have been the hero of this story, going above and beyond to keep each other safe," City Hall spokeswoman Avery Cohen said in a statement emailed to Bloomberg.Original story begins below:New York State repor...