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Google confirms Nest Audio works as Chromecast TV speakers

Google has confirmed that those who own a Nest Audio and a new Chromecast with Google TV can use all three devices for a better TV audio experience. Earlier this month, it was leaked that Google was working on a feature that allows users to use two Nest Audio speakers to play sound from a Chromecast with Google TV. Now that the feature has been confirmed, it should help improve TV audio for some users, but it will only work when you're using the new Chromecast. This means that if you have a PlayStation 5 or Xbox Series X, for example, you won't get the added benefit of using two Nest Audios as speakers. If you're only streaming content on Netflix or Prime Video, this might be a viable solution, but a soundbar is probably a better...
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Google search text suggests Nest Audio will work as TV speakers

The text that appears through Google Search indicates that Nest Audio could eventually play audio from the new Chromecast with Google TV. This feature wasn't released with either the new Chromecast or the Nest Audio, but Amazon and Apple have similar features available or on their smart speakers. This means that it makes sense for Google to add related features to its smart speaker as well. We know this is a feature Google was developing and scrapping, or is still working on as this leaked information comes directly from the tech giant. When you search for Nest Audio through Google, a description appears that says: "With Chromecast and Google TV, Nest Audio becomes the sound of your home theater ..." A commenter on a recent Reddi...
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Contest: Win a Nest Audio, courtesy of Best Buy Canada

Google officially announced the Nest Audio last month and thanks to our friends at Best Buy Canada, We have one to give to a lucky Canadian! The Nest Audio takes a design cue from Google Home, but amplifies it a bit by making it bigger and packs it up with better sound and more functionality. According to Google, the Nest Audio features 50 percent more bass, 75 percent more volume, a 99mm tweeter, a 75mm woofer, and overall "clearer, fuller and more natural sound. "compared to Google Home. Plus, you can pair two Nest Audio speakers for stereo sound. The Nest Audio is also made from 70 percent recycled material and has the ability to transmit messages, chat between rooms, and make calls. Since it's a smart speaker, Nest Audio has...
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Here are the Canadian prices and release dates for all of Google’s new hardware | MobileSyrup

Google announced several new products at its Launch Night In event. Although the event was rushed, the company shared a lot about its new Pixel smartphones, Nest Audio smart speaker, and Chromecast with Google TV. We've put together all the information on when these new products will be available in Canada, how much they will cost, and what pre-order details you need to know. See the information below: Nest Audio - October 5Next Monday, October 5, the Nest Audio, Google's new mid-range smart speaker will be released. The main difference between this new speaker and the old Google Home is its greater audio capacity and its new cloth-covered design. The device comes in 'Chalk', 'Charcoal', 'Sage', 'Sand' and 'Sky'. Starts at $ 129 CAD. You can book it here: The device will also be av...
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Google officially announces its new Nest Audio smart speaker

During the company's 'Launch Night In' keynote speech, Google finally officially revealed its new Nest Audio. The company basically leaked the Nest Audio several months ago, and the smart speaker even appeared on store shelves in recent days before its reveal. It appears that the new Nest Audio is designed to replace the Google Home, which launched in Canada in 2017. According to Google, Nest Audio features 50 percent more bass, 75 percent more volume, a 99mm tweeter, a 75mm woofer, and overall "clearer, fuller and more natural sound." , compared to Google Home. Additionally, Google says that Nest Audio is built with 70 percent recycled material. In Canada, Nest Audio costs $ 129 and will launch on October 5. The speaker is currently available for pre-orde...