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Nearby Share

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Google officially announces ‘Nearby Share’, the competitor of Android’s ‘Air Drop’

After years of development (and rumors), Google has officially announced its nearby file sharing technology for Android and Chromebooks called 'Nearby Share'. In practice, the function works very similarly to Apple's 'AirDrop'. This means that you can select a file, such as a photo, for example, and quickly send it to other nearby Android phones or Chromebooks. Google even says the feature works offline, as it uses a couple of different wireless protocols to transmit files between phones. When you choose to send a file, your phone automatically chooses between Bluetooth, Bluetooth Low Energy, WebRTC, or peer-to-peer Wi-Fi to provide the fastest transfer, depending on your situation.As of now, the feature is being rolled out on ...
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Google could roll out Nearby Share to devices running Android 6 and up in August

Google’s AirDrop-like Nearby Share feature is reportedly coming in August. XDA Developers’ editor-in-chief, Mishaal Rahman, tweeted about the impending release of Nearby Share. The search giant reportedly told manufacturers it planned to roll out Nearby Share to all Android devices running 6.0 Marshmallow and higher next month. Although Rahman says he can’t verify if that plan is still accurate, he does note the information came from a recent source. Currently, Nearby Share is available to some users in beta. At the end of June, the feature became available through a limited test for users running the Google Play Services beta. Since then, the feature has also turned up for users on the stable Play Services channel. For now, it appears the availability is part of a limited server-si...
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‘Nearby Share’ feature starts rolling out to more users after limited test

It appears Google’s upcoming ‘Nearby Share‘ feature may soon roll out to more users. Nearby Share is an AirDrop-like feature that will let Android users easily share content like files, photos and more through a wireless connection. Google has been working on Nearby Share for some time, but the feature recently began rolling out in a limited test to those running the Play Service beta. Unfortunately, Play Services is something many people don’t feel comfortable running in beta. Even for me, who has the beta version of most of Google’s apps on my phone, Play Services is a bit much. That app has a deep-reaching impact on much of the Android OS, so I’m hesitant to run the beta in case it messes up something important. That said, Nearb...