Thursday, December 3

Naya Rivera Memorial

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Dot-Marie Jones And Fellow ‘Glee’ Stars Visit Naya Rivera Memorial At Lake Piru

By Sarah Curran. 1 hour ago A group of former “Glee” cast-members gathered together to visit a memorial for Naya Rivera at Lake Piru. Actors Dot-Marie Jones, Iqbal Theba and Brad Ellis travelled to the lake where Rivera tragically drowned. RELATED: Heather Morris Promises To ‘Honour’ Naya Rivera Every Day Theba, who played Principal Figgins on the show, posted a video of the memorial on his Twitter account.Went to see her with my friends @dotmariejones & @BradEllisPiano ❤️NAYA❤️ — iqbal theba (@iqbaltheba) July 17, 2020“Went to see her with my friends @dotmariejones & @BradEllisPiano,” he said. The actor was joined by Dot-Marie Jones, who played Coach Beiste, and Brad Ellis, who played quiet pianist Brad. RELATED: Dot-Marie Jones Remembers ‘Gl...