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Have you been sold a lie about recycling? – The Canadian News

On today's Big Story podcast, you are a good citizen, so you probably throw your plastic in the recycling bin. Especially if it has those little recycling arrows. Why wouldn't you? Have public service campaigns been telling you to do this forever? But what if those campaigns were a lie, designed to make you feel better about the plastic you use? What is plastic recycling that was never going to be effective, except by selling more plastic? GUEST: Laura Sullivan, NPR News Investigative CorrespondentYou can subscribe to The Big Story podcast at Apple podcasts, Google Y Spotify. You can also find it in

Trump COVID Test & Military Exports: In The News Oct. 2 – The Canadian News

In The News is a summary of stories from The Canadian Press designed to start your day. This is what's on our editors' radar for the morning of October 2 ... What we are seeing today ... President Donald Trump said earlier Friday that he and first lady Melania Trump tested positive for the coronavirus, a surprising announcement that plunges the country into deeper uncertainty just a month before the presidential election. Trump, who has spent much of the year downplaying the threat of a virus that has killed more than 205,000 Americans, said he and Mrs. Trump were in quarantine. The White House doctor said the president is expected to continue to carry out his duties "without interruption" while he recovers. Still, Trump's diagnosis would surely have a destabilizing effect ...

Infrastructure Announcement and Shawn Mendes: In the News Oct. 1 – The Canadian News

In The News is a summary of stories from The Canadian Press designed to start your day. This is what's on our editors' radar for the morning of October 1 ... What we are seeing in Canada ... Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will describe today how the Infrastructure Bank of Canada intends to invest billions in projects aimed at creating jobs and contributing to the fight against climate change. Government officials say no investments in specific projects will be announced at a press conference today, where Trudeau will be joined by the bank's new chairman of the board, Michael Sabia, and Infrastructure Minister Catherine McKenna. But the trio is expected to establish the priority areas the bank intends to invest in, as well as the amount of money it will allocate to each area....
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2 Telus Health medical providers pay ransom after 60,000 client files were accessed – The Canadian News

Medisys Health Group and its affiliate Copeman Healthcare say they paid an unspecified ransom to recover personal information from about 60,000 customers after detecting a security breach on August 31. An email from Medisys headquarters in Montreal says privacy officials were notified on September 4, four days after the breach was discovered, and began notifying customers last week. They say the hackers obtained demographic information, such as ages and addresses, and some personal health numbers, but not financial information or social security numbers. In some cases, test results, consultation reports, and prescribing information were obtained, but recovered after paying a ransom. The Medisys and Copeman websites, which they claim to belong to Telus, say their security cons...
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Rebecca O’Toole tests positive for COVID-19 – The Canadian News

Following the news last week that conservative leader Erin O'Toole had tested positive for COVID-19, his wife, Rebecca, has now also confirmed that she has contracted the coronavirus. A statement from the Conservative Party confirmed that Rebecca O'Toole began presenting symptoms, including fever, on Sunday. She was tested later that night and tested positive Monday night. She is isolated at home and the couple are monitoring their two children, 14-year-old Mollie and 9-year-old Jack. "Many Canadian families are dealing with COVID-19 like we are today, and like them, our focus is ensuring our children stay healthy," Rebecca said in a statement. "I want to thank the amazing frontline healthcare workers across the country, but especially those at Brewer Park Arena who are so ki...

Preparations underway for pandemic elections in Saskatchewan and maybe BC – The Canadian News

VANCOUVER - Election administrators in British Columbia are ready with hand sanitizer for voters and personal protective equipment for polling station workers as part of a pandemic plan similar to the one recently used in New Brunswick. Elections BC spokesman Andrew Watson said staff have consulted with their counterparts in the eastern province, where voters were the first in Canada to cast their votes during COVID-19, should Prime Minister John Horgan call fall elections. Watson said election administrators in Saskatchewan are preparing for a vote to take place on Oct. 26, adding that his office began working with provincial health officials in April as the reality of a pandemic loomed. and a possible choice. In addition to purchasing security items, ensuring that physical ...

BC migrant and undocumented workers rally for permanent residency program – The Canadian News

VANCOUVER - Migrant workers and advocates called for a "fair recovery" from the COVID-19 pandemic during a digital rally on Saturday. Chit Arma, who chairs the Center for Migrant Workers in Vancouver, says the pandemic has shown how heavily Canada depends on migrant and undocumented workers to perform essential jobs. However, he says he has also revealed how those same workers do not enjoy essential rights and have been placed in precarious situations through the temporary foreign worker program. The demonstration is part of the Amnesty Campaign for Undocumented Workers led by the Center for Migrant Workers. The campaign calls on the federal government to create a new permanent residency program for all essential migrant and undocumented workers, and to allow workers to apply...

Former Prime Minister John Turner dies at 91: reports – The Canadian News

Former Prime Minister and Liberal Party leader John Turner has died at the age of 91, according to various media reports. He was Prime Minister for 79 days in 1984, which is the second shortest term in Canadian history. Turner also held several prominent cabinet positions during his decades in federal politics, including Minister of Justice and Minister of Finance.More to come

Lake Babine Nation signs agreement with Ottawa and British Columbia – The Canadian News

VICTORIA - The British Columbia and federal governments signed an agreement with the Lake Babine Nation that Chief Gordon Alec says will help lead to its prosperity. Alec says the deal is an important step in gaining more control over natural resource development. He says the First Nation wants to create the right relationship with the forestry industry and local government. The Lake Babine Nation owns one of the largest forestry companies in its territory that operates on its own land and on Crown land. Alex says the agreement also outlines how the three levels of government will work together to enact First Nations rights and titles over their territory in central British Columbia. Carolyn Bennett, the federal minister for Crown-Indian Relations, says the 20-year agreement ...

NDP’s Singh not eager to force an election, focused on getting help for Canadians – The Canadian News

New Democratic leader Jagmeet Singh says he is not interested in forcing a federal election with a second wave of COVID-19 looming, if he can work with liberals to provide much-needed help to struggling Canadians. Singh's comments on Friday were the clearest yet on whether the NDP plans to support the minority liberal government's throne speech next week. The speech will be followed by a vote of confidence that liberals must win to continue governing. Liberals need party support to move forward, and the fourth-ranked NDP has enough seats to make that happen. Singh was scheduled to speak with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday afternoon and said he would advocate for the government to extend benefits for unemployed Canadians that liberals plan to cut. “We are absolutely ...
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Expired samples, slow results hamper fight against COVID-19, says public health physician – The Canadian News

A medical health official in eastern Ontario says the slow laboratory response time for COVID-19 testing is hampering the ability of local public health officials to effectively track contacts and control outbreaks. Dr. Robert Cushman, interim health medical officer for the Renfrew County and District Health Unit, says universal testing for COVID-19 has led to significant problems, such as expired samples and test results that take longer than seven days to recover. He says slow response times at Ottawa labs where the health unit sends its samples for processing have hampered investigations of COVID-19 cases at a local school and popular gym. "It's bad science to do universal testing, but it's good policy," he says. Cushman says his health unit received results five days late...

Students Anxious for Longer As Federal Loan Payment Freeze Tightens – The Canadian News

As the six-month freeze on federal student loan payments draws to a close, students are calling for an extension of the measure that they say offered relief from the financial pressures of the pandemic. Bryn de Chastelain, president of the Canadian Alliance of Student Associations, says her group wants Ottawa to extend the moratorium. He says the job market is still recovering from COVID-19, creating stress among students and recent graduates juggling loans, high tuition costs, and other bills. Ottawa suspended the payments of approximately one million borrowers in payment from March 30 to September 30, saying that no interest would accrue on student loans during the same period. Undergraduate students at Canadian Research Intensive Universities, an alliance of student union...