Sunday, November 29

Naomie Harris

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New ‘The Third Day’ Trailer Shows Jude Law And Naomie Harris Lured To Mysterious Island In HBO Thriller

By Brent furdyk. 43 minutes ago Jude Law and Naomie Harris star in "The Third Day," an intriguing new HBO miniseries in a unique format, split into two distinct parts, "Summer" and "Winter." Created by Dennis Kelly and Felix Barrett, "The Third Day" is the first television project from the immersive theater company Punchdrunk. The first three episodes of the series, "Summer", follow Sam (Law), who is drawn to a mysterious island off the British coast, but is unable to leave the idyllic and dangerously charming world he has discovered. He soon discovers that the islanders practice secret rituals that lead him to deal with experiences of loss and trauma hidden in his past, all experienced through the distorted lens of the present. As t...