Saturday, December 5

naomi silver-vezina

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Casual harp session turns into a scene out of a Disney movie

Some moments are so surreal, they seem like they could be straight out of a movie.That’s what musician Naomi Silver-Vézina thought when she recorded a practice session outside near a wooded area. As she plays the harp, a deer is seen wandering in the background and suddenly becomes captivated with the music.Silver-Vézina shared the video on Reddit.According to Silver-Vézina, she knew the deer was grazing in the background before she started playing “The Sound of Silence” by Simon and Garfunkel. Although she never looks up from her instrument, she said she could hear it moving towards her and actually thought it might attack.“I was definitely the deer in headlights in this situation…” she joked.As Silver-Vézina continues playing in the video, the...