Thursday, October 29


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Sharon Stone Wishes She Had Intimacy Coordinators On Set During Her Early Career

By Jamie Samhan. 2 hours ago CPImages/EPA/CLEMENS BILAN Hollywood has adapted over the years, particularly since the #MeToo movement, with one of the newer additions being intimacy coordinators. The intimacy coordinators help make sure everyone on set is comfortable during nude or sex scenes. Sharon Stone has recalled the early days of her career to Attitude Magazine, including wishing that position existed when she was starting out. RELATED: Sharon Stone Reveals The ‘Really Intense’ Experience Of Being Struck By Lightning In Her Kitchen “They didn’t have [intimacy coordinators] in my day,” the “Basic Instinct” star said. “When I did my first movie, which was ‘Irreconcilable Differences’, I had a topless scene. And they didn’t even clear t...