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Stephen Colbert Mocks Mask-Hating ‘Karens’ In Dolly Parton Song Parody

By Brent Furdyk. 13 secs ago Social media is bursting at the seams with videos of entitled white women having rage-fuelled meltdowns in stores throughout the U.S. when employees insist that they wear a face mask to help prevent the spread of COVID-19. The Thursday edition of Global‘s “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” opened with a salute to these “Karens” in a special parody song set to the melody of Dolly Parton’s classic country hit “Jolene”. In the song, Parton — her voice dubbed by a soundalike singer — implores Karen to just put on a mask already. RELATED: Amanda Seales Crashes A ‘Karen Support Group’ In Hilarious BET Awards Sketch “You go on rants at Trader Joe’s / Sit on the ground at the Costco / Say wearing masks is the devil’s law,” the song’s lyrics state, in...
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Gal Gadot Fights Off Coronavirus In Masked ‘Wonder Woman 1984’ Behind-The-Scenes Snap

By Shakiel Mahjouri. 15 secs ago Gal Gadot is showing off her COVID-19 safety precautions in a new behind-the-scenes shot from “Wonder Woman 1984”. Gadot is promoting coronavirus safety by sharing a photo of Wonder Woman in a mask. She tweeted the on-set photo on Tuesday with a simple caption, “#WearAMask.” RELATED: Henry Cavill: It Is ‘Really Important’ To Release Snyder Cut#wearamask — Gal Gadot (@GalGadot) July 21, 2020Unless Wonder Woman has some sort of future sight power, the mouth-covering is part of her costume design. Production on “Wonder Woman 1984” wrapped in August 2019. The sequel’s official trailer includes a desert scene, the most likely explanation for the mask; however, some fans cannot help but wonder if there is a deeper me...