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Liberal Promise to Cut Wireless Prices by 25% Will Happen ‘Organically’, Email Says

According to The Wire Report, internal government emails cite the electoral promise of the Liberal Party of a 25% cut in the prices of wireless devicesIt will now happen "organically" without the government getting involved. The details were seen in an email acquired through Access to Information, written from Innovation Canada to the Privy Council Office (PCO), noting that changes in the market mean that wireless prices will fall "organically." PCO analyst Margarete Ling wrote in an email: "ISED estimates that the commitment to a 25 percent price decrease per gigabyte (GB), over the course of the term, will occur organically without intervention beyond the measures that the government is already taking and therefore continuing with standstill measures is expected to achieve t...
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Government promises $ 2 billion investment in broadband for underserved communities

The government has announced a $ 2 billion investment to connect around 750,000 homes to broadband in underserved communities. This investment in broadband is part of Canada Infrastructure Bank's (CIB) $ 10 billion three-year growth plan announced today during a press conference. The plan is expected to create approximately 60,000 jobs nationwide. The Infrastructure Bank of Canada is a federal corporation charged with financially supporting revenue-generating infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships. It is important to note that this $ 10 billion investment announcement is not a new expense and was previously allocated. The government notes that it has committed $ 35 billion to support infrastructure projects across the country through the Infrastructure Bank of Can...
LILLEY: Trudeau appears to have used WE language when announcing student deal
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LILLEY: Trudeau appears to have used WE language when announcing student deal

Article content continuedThe problem is that between early 2016 and early 2020, Justin Trudeau’s mother was paid more than $312,00 in speaking fees and $167,944 in travel and other expenses to speak at WE Days and other associated events.Trudeau though never saw his giving a massive contract to a charity he was closely tied to as being a problem. In fact, he denied he was ever in a conflict of interest.We apologize, but this video has failed to load.According to the details provided by WE themselves, they were pitching Finance Minister Bill Morneau, Small Business Minister Mary Ng and Minister of Diversity, Inclusion and Youth Bardish Chagger by early April in relation to a youth entrepreneurship program.By May 5, WE began to incur expenses in relation to the program even though Trudeau...
LILLEY: Trudeau wants us to deny reality on WE fiasco
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LILLEY: Trudeau wants us to deny reality on WE fiasco

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants us to continue to believe the impossible: That it was the non-partisan public service, and not anyone political, who suggested that WE Charity be given a $912-million, sole-sourced contract.“It was the independent public service that made the recommendation of the WE Charity to deliver opportunities to students,” Trudeau stated in the House of Commons on Tuesday.The PM said this even though we heard directly from a senior civil servant last week that WE had been pitching cabinet ministers on a program before the government announced one. We also learned on Monday that Bardish Chagger, the minister in charge of the program, met with WE co-founder Craig Kielburger on April 17, five days before the PM announced the Canada Student Service Grant Pro...
LILLEY: The charity scandal that rocked the Trudeau government and how it happened
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LILLEY: The charity scandal that rocked the Trudeau government and how it happened

It’s a scandal like none I’ve seen that has rocked the Trudeau government and spawned at least five investigations into the government actions.Even CNN has speculated that this could bring down the Trudeau Liberals.I’m not sure about that but it is a story that keeps on revealing more.What started out as an attempt to help young people financially by introducing the Canada Student Service Grant has morphed into something else. The allegation is that this contract was just too cozy, that Justin Trudeau and others in his government were simply too close to the people getting a $912 million sole-sourced contract.Along with giving the government headaches, this saga has shaken one of the biggest charities in the country.Keeping track of it all can be difficult so let me try and help ...
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LILLEY: Liberal connections to WE continue to pile up

It’s getting harder to tell where the Liberal Party of Canada ends and WE Charity begins.After finding out, despite denials, that the Prime Minister’s family was paid hundreds of thousands of dollars to appear at WE Day events and that Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s two daughters have been involved – one even working for WE now – we find out more.Did you know the Morneau clan took a trip to Ecuador with WE in December 2017? That’s right, Morneau, his wife Nancy McCain and their children were hosted by WE near Tena in Ecuador’s Amazon rainforest. This was after Ms. McCain and the couple’s daughter Clare Morneau were part of a trip to Kenya earlier that same year.“In both cases the Morneau family covered all associated costs and expenses,” said Morneau’s spokesman Pierre-Olivier H...
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GUNTER: Here’s why Trudeau keeps making ethics blunders

On Wednesday, during one of the House of Common’s rare sitting days permitted by our current Liberal minority government, there was an exchange between Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that does as much as anything to explain why Trudeau keeps making ethics blunders.It also explains why Liberal voters continue to stand by him.Scheer asked the PM whether he would waive “privileges and confidences” in the ethics commissioner’s investigation of the WE Charity scandal.“Privileges and confidences” refers, mostly, to rules governing the confidentiality of cabinet discussions. What ministers say at cabinet and among themselves (and in many cases with senior civil servants) cannot be divulged to the public until decades later.Like doctor-patient and law...
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BONOKOSKI: The dilemma around choosing the next Conservative leader

It must be depressing for a casual Conservative looking for change and strong leadership from the collective vying to replace Andrew Scheer, and whose job it will be to send those ungodly Liberals packing.Instead of persistently explaining their platforms to the party’s membership, the two frontrunners — Erin O’Toole and Peter MacKay — seem to have been spending too much time bickering over each other.At least that’s the impression to those far more concerned at the moment with the problems imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, including the multi-billions our prime minister seems to be dishing out willy-nilly.O’Toole’s silly headline-grabbing episode of accusing MacKay of stealing some campaign data, and then calling in the cops, was too juvenile for someone wanting to be prime mini...
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GOLDSTEIN: Eastern Canada unfazed by Trudeau’s lack of ethics

As recent political history shows, the Conservatives should not pin their hopes on the Trudeau-WE Charity scandal alone bringing down the Liberals.To win, the next Conservative leader will have to convince voters they can safely hand the keys of government to the Tories and they won’t wreck the place.Voters already knew Prime Minister Justin Trudeau lacks any sense of ethics when it comes to conflict of interest laws.They re-elected him anyway last October, or, more accurately, Eastern Canadian voters did — albeit reducing his majority government to a minority — because they didn’t consider Andrew Scheer a viable alternative.They knew Trudeau acts like an arrogant elitist who believes he’s entitled to break the rules lesser mortals must follow.They knew that when caught, Trudeau ...
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WUDRICK: Trudeau spent the rainy day fund back when the sun was shining

One trillion dollars. A one with twelve zeroes after it. A thousand billion dollars.It’s where Canada’s federal debt is heading in the next half year.We all knew the number was going to be jaw-dropping, but it turned out to be even worse than even the most pessimistic predictions.On March 27, the Parliamentary Budget Office estimated this year’s federal deficit would hit $112 billion. By April 30, that estimate had jumped to $252 billion.But when Finance Minister Bill Morneau revealed his ‘fiscal snapshot’ this week, the deficit had ballooned to a whopping $343 billion. That means our existing $775 billion federal debt will now increase by over 40% in a single year. That will put it well over a trillion dollars for the first time.By comparison, the last time the debt rose by $343...
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LILLEY: Trudeaus paid big to appear at WE Day events

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s mother and brother were paid more than $350,000 to appear at WE Day events run by the same charity that his government attempted to give a sole-sourced $912 million contract to just weeks ago.Remarkably, Trudeau continues to see no conflict of interest in this contract or in his involvement in awarding it.As the old saying goes, don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining. The relationship between the Trudeaus and this organization is more than cozy.The news broke Thursday afternoon when WE released information showing the PM’s mother, Margaret Trudeau, had been paid $332,000 while his brother, Alexandre, had been paid $40,000 to appear at various WE Day events. The story was first reported by Canadaland, which obtained the receipts, but WE later ...
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GOLDSTEIN: Trudeau didn’t learn his lesson about conflict of interest

It will be up to Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion to decide if Trudeau broke the conflict law – again – as he did in the Aga Khan and SNC-Lavalin controversies. But it’s astounding Trudeau decided to take an active role in awarding the $912 million contract to the WE Charity founded by Craig and Marc Kielburger – including an administration fee of almost $20 million – based on the findings of former ethics commissioner Mary Dawson in Trudeau’s Aga Khan affair. Dion said last Friday, before Trudeau’s revelation – the PM previously said civil servants independently concluded only WE could competently administer the now-cancelled contract –  that he would investigate Trudeau under subsections 6(1), 7 and 21 of the Conflict of Interest Act. Trudeau was previously investigated under those sec...