Friday, December 4

Judge Judy

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‘Judge Judy’ responds after show and CBS sued after $ 95 million sale of series

By Aynslee Darmon. 15 seconds ago Judge Judy Sheindlin. Photo: CPImages Judge Judy and CBS are being brought to court for a "breach of contract." Following the sale of $ 95 million of the beloved series, Rebel Entertainment Partners is suing both Judy Sheindlin and the network for more than $ 5 million, reports Deadline. Dishonored media mogul Les Moonves may have received the gateway on CBS in 2018, but not before he conspired with other CBS executives, including former CBS chief programming officer Armando Nuñez, to avoid embarrassment over their colossal mishandling of the sale and repurchase of the later episode catalog for the television show 'Judge Judy', ”reads a complaint of breach of contract filed by Rebel Tuesday...