Wednesday, November 25

Jony Ive

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Airbnb Announces Multi-Year Partnership With Former Apple Chief Designer Jony Ive

Airbnb has announced that it has formed a multi-year partnership with Jony Ive, who was Apple's former head of product design. After I retired from Apple about a year ago, he created a new independent design firm called "LoveFrom." The firm has reached an agreement with Airbnb to help design the next generation of its "products and services." in a blog postAirbnb CEO Brian Chesky stated that he and I have been "good friends for many years." "Jony will also help us continue to develop our in-house design team, which he believes is one of the best in the world," Chesky wrote. "I know he is particularly excited about a relationship that will evolve into deep collaboration with our creative team." Chesky notes that LoveForm has a c...
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Airbnb hires former Apple chief designer Jony Ive and his steadfast love

Airbnb has announced that it has hired former Apple chief designer Jony Ive and his company, LoveFrom. According to a company blog post written by Airbnb co-founder and CEO Brian Chesky, the latter says he hired Ive, one of his "good friends for many years." “One of the designers that Joe and I admire the most is Jony Ive, former Apple design director. Over a year ago, Jony formed a new company called LoveFrom as a collection of creatives that includes designers, architects, musicians, writers, engineers and artists, ”writes Chesky. “Jony and I have been good friends for many years and he has been kind enough to give me guidance and advice. We share the same belief in the value and importance of creativity and design. We all believe in not only creating objects and interfac...