Saturday, November 28

jon griffin

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You can stay in a hobbit house located in the middle of a sustainable forest

Nature lovers will find a sustainable refuge in this Tennessee dream vacation home.Forest Gully Farms’ motto is “forage, eat, stay.” It’s an apt description of what guests will experience when they lodge at this sustainable forest. Half of the 30-acre estate is available for patrons who get all three of the property’s “hobbit huts” when they book a visit.Wife and husband Mandy and Jon Griffin own and operate the property with a very clear ethos.“Forest Gully Farms is an experiment in sustainable living,” Jon told In The Know. “We wanted to try to find a unique way to live off the land. And we wanted to find a way for people to enjoy the farm and enjoy the environment.”Two of the three huts on the property are small bedrooms. while the third is a kitchen a...