Saturday, November 28

Jojo Siwa

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JoJo Siwa introduces fans to her boyfriend Mark Bontempo in a TikTok video

By Brent Furdyk. 27 seconds ago Last month, JoJo Siwa said Seventeen that she had a boyfriend, but that she did not want to reveal her identity because "she really depended on him" if she wanted to make it public. "I am really in the public light and the point is that I don't care," he added. "That's one side of my life that I can keep in public or I can keep private." On Sunday, the 17-year-old artist and his mysterious boyfriend decided it was time to go public, posting a video on TikTok along with the title, "Meet Mark :)", adding his TikTok name Mark Bontempo. RELATED: JoJo Siwa Debuts New Brown Hair In Instagram Video The video begins with Siwa dressed in pants and a hoodie, adorned with a flip-flop baseball cap as she dances with some rap-style moves b...