Friday, November 27

john cleese

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Monty Python Icon John Cleese Says Cancel Culture ‘Misunderstands The Main Purposes Of Life Which Is To Have Fun’

By Brent Furdyk. 9 secs ago © Quiver Distribution / Courtesy Everett Collection Legendary comedy troupe Monty Python could never be accused of being politically correct, and one of its alums is blasting today’s cancel culture for sucking the fun out of life. John Cleese is preparing to perform a live-streamed comedy event from London next month, which he says. will also include a Q&A session and “a short selection of Peruvian burial ditties.” Titled “Why There is No Hope”, Cleese describes the event as equal parts lecture and standup comedy, admitting it’s something of an “experiment” performed in front of a small and socially distanced audience. RELATED: John Cleese Slams ‘Stupid’ UKTV For Decision To Remove Episode Of U.K. Sitcom ‘Fawlty...