Thursday, November 26

Jessica Alba

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Comedian recreates corny dance scenes from all your favorite movies

You may have seen actress and comedian Bria Janay on Instagram. Janay recreates iconic dance scenes from her favorite media. Anyone who can pull off a successful Beyoncé impersonation is a rare breed. But Janay has also managed to reimagine moments from “Honey,” “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” and even “Good Burger.” The hilarious Los Angeleno usually records herself and the original clip as a split-screen. Janay dresses as key characters from the scene and impersonates their dance moves which, when broken down, are much cornier than people realize. Like Julia Stiles’ big moment in “Save the Last Dance.”Janay spoke with In The Know about how she got started with her dance recreations. “I was inspired to make my dance remakes when I was watching ‘You Go...