Friday, November 27

Jenny McCarthy

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Ozzy Osbourne reveals that health problems left him ‘convinced I was dying’

By Brent Furdyk. 9 hours ago Ozzy Osbourne is opening up about his recent string of health problems, admitting he was in so much pain that he felt close to death. The former Black Sabbath leader joined his wife Sharon and son Jack for a virtual visit to Jenny McCarthy's SiriusXM radio show, where he offered an update on the health issues that have plagued him in recent months. "I'm not 100 percent back. I'm about 75 percent there, but it's such a slow recovery, "Osbourne, 71, told McCarthy. RELATED: Jack Osbourne Tries To Convince Parents Ozzy And Sharon That Paranormal Activity Is Real "Spinal surgery is bad news, man. I have been in such bad shape with pain; I'm still in a lot of pain, "he added. He admitted that “there was a poin...
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Tara Reid Reflects On Viral Argument With ‘Cruel’ Jenny McCarthy: ‘She Had Such A Meanness And Cold Heart In Her’

By Shakiel Mahjouri. 10 secs ago Tara Reid Photo by Charles Guerin/ABACAPRESS.COM It is safe to say Tara Reid is not a fan of Jenny McCarthy. Reid and McCarthy had an infamous conflict during a 2016 interview and those ill feelings have yet to be mended. Reid famously walked out of the interview after McCarthy insisted on asking questions about plastic surgery and Reid’s past relationships. RELATED: Tara Reid Denies Rumours She’ll Be Playing Carole Baskin “I don’t want to talk about it that much, but [McCarthy] was really cruel and to be really that cruel for no reason .. she had such a meanness and a cold heart in her,” Reid told TooFab. “I hate that [interview] because she was really out of line.” “I saw Amy Schumer stuck up for me and I...