Tuesday, December 1

Jason Momoa

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Jason Momoa restores wife Lisa Bonet’s 1965 Mustang, a ’14-year project in the making’

By Brent Furdyk. 1 minute ago Jason Momoa has spent his time, for the past 14 years, restoring the first love-owned car of his life: Lisa Bonet's 1965 Mustang. On Tuesday, the "Aquaman" star shared a video on social media that documented a project "14 Years of Manufacturing," the restoration of the first car Bonet bought when he was 17.“The story is that this is the first car he bought. It is one of three manufactured and has many custom parts, ”he said of the first car his wife bought.Seeing the glossy black finished product, Momoa can't help but get excited. "I never thought it would look like this," he says. Click to view gallery ...
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Lenny Kravitz wishes Jason Momoa a happy birthday, and fans praise Lisa Bonet for her great taste in men

By ETOnline.com. 5 minutes ago Jason Momoa he is feeling love on his birthday. The "Aquaman" star turned 41 on Saturday and received special thanks from his wife, Lisa Bonet 'Yes, ex-husband, Lenny Kravitz. The rock star posted a black and white photo of the two together on their social media. "Happy birthday @prideofgypsies. A family. Love, "Kravitz captioned the shot. Momoa responded to Kravitz's post, writing on Instagram," I love you, ohana. I miss you "along with heart eyes and hanging loose emojis. Fans couldn't get enough of the sweet birthday message. Instead of Kravitz or Momoa making headlines, however, Bonet's name became popular on Twitter, and fans praised her for her mixed family and great taste in men.“Sometimes I wonder what Lisa Bon...