Wednesday, November 25


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Starbucks is opening its first sign language store in Japan

Japan is gettings its first Starbucks “signing store.” The new coffee shop will open in Tokyo with 25 staff members, 19 of whom are deaf and hard of hearing.This will be Starbucks’ fifth signing store globally. The other four are located in Malaysia, China and the U.S. The move aims to expand career opportunities for deaf and hard of hearing employees and make the store more accessible, according to a press release. “Starbucks has been hiring deaf and hard of hearing partners (employees) since we entered Japan in 1996 and these partners have made incredible impacts in their communities,” said Takafumi Minaguchi, CEO of Starbucks Coffee Japan.While this is the first signing store, it is not the first time the company has addressed the deaf and hard of hearing ...
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Sega is releasing a mini arcade cabinet which includes 36 games

Sega Japan is looking to release a new miniature arcade cabinet that will fit in the palm of your hand, according to a translated Game Watch article. The Astro City Mini is apart of Sega’s celebration of its 60th anniversary, which will include 36 Sega arcade games. Unfortunately, as of right now it’s only scheduled to release in Japan, with no word on a western release. Only 10 of the 36 games have been listed, according to translator Sega Driven. The announced games include:Alien Syndrome Alien Storm Altered Beast Columns II Dark Edge Fantasy Zone Golden Axe Golden Axe: Revenge of Death Adder Tant R Virtua FighterThe miniature cabinet itself features an off-white colour, a bright green eight-way joystick and six arcade button...