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App Tracking Transparency Coming Soon to iOS and iPadOS

In a move that is sure to annoy the big dogs of advertising and delight privacy-conscious consumers, Apple is finally gearing up to launch its 'App Tracking Transparency' feature that limits the way iOS apps can track and share your data with third parties. This feature was first mentioned during the iOS 14 reveal at WWDC in the summer of 2020, but its release was later delayed until the spring of this year. With that said, spring is just around the corner, and the first versions of App Tracking Transparency will begin to block access to your iPhone or iPad identifier of advertisers (IDFA) in the upcoming beta version of iOS 14. If you're unfamiliar with data privacy, reading Apple's 'A Day in the Life of Your Data' report is a ...
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SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom – Rehydrated Coming to Mobile Devices This Month

THQ Nordic has announced that SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated It will launch on Android and iOS on January 21. The remake of the 2000s Battle for the bikini bottom first released on June 23, 2020 on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.The game lets you play as SpongeBob, Patrick, and Sandy as they team up to thwart Plankton's evil plans. Battle for the bikini bottom it also features a 'horde mode' that pits two players against waves of robotic enemies. In addition to offering enhanced images, Rehydrated features content that was removed from the original game, such as the Robo Squidward boss fight. SpongeBob SquarePants: Battle for Bikini Bottom - Rehydrated It will cost $ 11.99 CAD in th...
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Apple Arcade is about to get ‘Nuts’ with Saskatoon’s new Noodlecake game

Apple has introduced two new games coming to its Apple Arcade service in early 2021, and one of them has great ties to Canada. The title in question is Walnuts, a first-person puzzle from an international team of developers, including Montreal artist Pol Clarissou. On top of that, the game was published by Saskatoon-based Noodlecake. In Walnuts, you play as a novice field researcher traveling through the mysterious forest of Melmoth. On your search, you will observe a society of squirrels setting up cameras and monitoring images, leading you to investigate what they are actually doing. A specific release date for Walnuts was not confirmed, but you can register in the App Store to receive updates. The second game coming soon to Ap...
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Here’s what’s coming to BritBox in January 2021

BBC Studios and ITV have revealed what content will arrive on BritBox, the company's UK-focused streaming service, in January. BritBox, which costs $ 8.99 CAD / month (or $ 89.99 per year), offers access to series such as Doctor who, Emmerdale and Five by five. In January, the service will add the following schedule:Mum: Season 3 (January 1) Traces: Season 1 (Jan 1) Benidorm: Seasons 6-10 (January 8) Countryville (January 10) Unforgivable (January 15) Red Dwarf: Seasons 1-8 - Remastered (January 26)Britbox is available at iOS and Android.
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Discord brings screen sharing to Android and iOS

Discord has launched its screen sharing feature on Android and iOS. In practice, this works exactly like it does in Discord on the desktop, allowing you to share whatever is on your screen with other members of the server. On mobile devices, this will work not only in games, but also in anything else you do on your phone. The only exception, of course, is any app that specifically blocks screen saver, like Netflix. Discord says the feature is starting to roll out now for all smartphone users, so it may not show up on your device right away. In the meantime, support for tablets is coming at some point in the future, says Discord. Via: Engadget
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Google Stadia is now officially available on iOS

Stadia is now officially available on iOS devices, including iPhone and iPad, through a progressive web app. Google announced plans to finally bring its game streaming service to Apple mobile devices a few weeks ago. The restrictive and archaic Apple App Store policy that requires each individual game on a platform to be listed on the digital store effectively blocks the launch of various game streaming services on iOS, including Microsoft's xCloud, Nvidia's GeForce Now, and Luna (which is not available in Canada). Until now, the only way to run Stadia on an iOS device was through Stadium, a third-party browser that allowed users to play Stadia on iOS with some limitations. Google says that after installing iOS 14.3, you can navig...
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Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II is coming to mobile devices this month

Aspyr Media has announced that Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords It will launch on Android and iOS on December 18.December 18 marks the long-awaited return of the Jedi Exile. 😲 Star Wars ™: Knights of the Old Republic II ™ —The Sith Lords ™ is coming to iOS and Android. Book now! iOS: Coming soon to Google Play Store. - Aspyr (@AspyrMedia) December 8, 2020Set five years after the events of the original. KOTOR, KOTOR II puts you in the role of Jedi Exile during an era in which the Sith have almost completely wiped out the Jedi Order. Throughout the game, you will travel the galaxy to recruit new companions, find the remaining Jedi, and fight. ...
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Apple Reveals Canada’s Most Downloaded App Store Apps and Games of 2020

Apple has announced the most downloaded apps and games on the Canadian App Store in 2020. Here are the charts, broken down by category. Note that Apple has also highlighted apps that were made in Canada. Top free apps for iPhone1. Zoom Cloud meetings2. TikTok3. Disney +4. Instagram5. YouTube6. Messenger7. Microsoft Teams8. COVID Alert (Canadian Federal Government)9. WhatsApp Messenger10. Facebook Top paid apps for iPhone1. TouchRetouch2. Procreate Pocket3. AutoSleep Track Sleep4. The wonderful weeks5. Forest: stay focused6. Facetune7. Sky guide8. Go snowmobiling Ontario 2019 (The Federation of Ontario Snowmobile Clubs)9. SkyView10. iMotoneige (The Fédération des clubs de motoneigistes du Québec) Top free games for iPhone1. Between...
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Google adds a new Maps feed to get updates on its community

Google is launching a new community feed in the 'Explore' section of Maps that allows you to stay up-to-date on what is happening in your city. In total, the feed provides you with the latest reviews, photos, and posts added to Google Maps by locals and people you follow, as well as a list of food and beverage merchants and articles from publishers. Because it is based on the following, you can customize the feed to your interests. For example, Google notes that marking an interest in your app's preferences for Greek cuisine or healthy food will bring more content for that type of food. Also, the feed will update you on any updates from a specific company. This can include information on new amenities, recently opened outdoor sea...
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Google Releases iOS Home Widget for Gmail

Google has released a new iOS home screen widget for Gmail with its latest update for the app. "Now, you can easily stay on top of your emails by adding the Gmail widget to your home screen," notes the search giant. The widget displays a "mail search" bar that opens in the corresponding field when clicked. The right side of the widget displays your profile photo, while the Gmail logo is displayed on the left right. Below this bar is a 'compose' shortcut that will slide up on the keyboard when you click on it. Next to this shortcut is a section that shows how many unread emails you have. It's worth noting that the widget only provides shortcuts for these tasks and doesn't actually display sensitive information. To get the Gmail wi...
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The macOS Big Sur update is allegedly crashing some older MacBooks

In the wake of issues preventing the update from downloading, macOS Big Sur, the latest version of Apple's desktop operating system, is reportedly blocking some older MacBooks. There are reports of multiple users trying to upgrade their late 2013 and mid 2014 13-inch MacBook Pro laptops to Big Sur, only to be greeted with a black screen while the update installs. Resetting the NVRAM and SMC of laptops, which usually solves problems like this, does not rectify the situation. Digging deeper into the Reddit and Apple support forum posts about the issue, it appears that an engineer was able to resolve the issue after removing an IC chip for the HDMI chip, but it's unclear if that's the actual root of the issue. It is not clear what is...
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IPhone apps work on Apple Macs with the new M1 chip

Apple quietly announced that iPhone apps will work on Apple's new Mac computers with their homemade chips. This is a very useful feature, as it allows people to take advantage of the large number of iOS applications on their computers. You can run Android apps on Chromebooks, and it's a great feature on that platform. Hope it is the same or better on Mac. This doesn't mean that all iOS and iPadOS will come to macOS, but if enabled by the app developer, your app may be on macOS. More to come ...