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Gmail for iOS now supports Split View for multitasking on iPads

Google is rolling out support for ‘Split View’ on Gmail for iOS to make it easier for users to multitask on iPads. “When using an iPad, you’re now able to multitask with Gmail and other iOS applications. You can use Gmail and Google Calendar at the same time with Split View to check your schedule before replying to an email to confirm a meeting time,” the tech giant wrote in a blog post. Google notes that users can also now easily drag and drop pictures from Google Photos into an email without leaving Gmail. “To turn on Multitasking on your iPad, go to the Settings app > Home Screen & Dock > Multitasking and select ‘Allow Multiple Apps,’” Google notes. To enter split view, users have to swipe up from the bottom of the scr...
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Chrome may get new functionality to increase users’ laptop battery life

Google is reportedly working on a way to reduce energy use in the next version of Chrome that could save users two hours of battery life. TheWindowsClub found an experimental feature in Chrome that closes unnecessary JavaScript trackers when a user has an open tab in the background. Google has reportedly tested the functionality with 36 open tabs and found that it saved two hours of battery life. Google performed another test while playing a YouTube video and found that the new feature saved 36 minutes of battery life. Although this isn’t as drastic as the two hours, it’s still useful. TheWindowsClub notes that the functionality is available as a flag in early builds of Chrome 86, and that it would be applied to all desktop and mob...
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Google says it fixed Gmail filter issue that let spam into users’ inboxes

Gmail’s spam filters recently stopped filtering spam, but Google says it has now fixed the problem. As noted by Android Police, starting July 1st, Gmail’s spam filters seemed to stop working for several users. It appears the problem mainly affected Europe, but users in the U.S. also reported issues. A thread also popped up on Reddit detailing the problem. While some users report that they received an influx of spam, others note that emails that typically land in Gmail’s ‘Updates’ or ‘Promotions’ folders ended up in the primary inbox. A Google spokesperson told Android Police that the company found and fixed the problem. Further, the spokesperson said that Gmail’s anti-malware and harmful content scans remained operational. You can ...
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Google working on feature to instantly reopen closed tabs on Chrome

Google is reportedly working on a feature to allow users to instantly reopen a closed tab on Chrome. If you currently close a tab, it is cleared from the memory and if you reopen it then the browser reloads the entire page, which means that you’re essentially just opening the page all over again. Chrome Story notes that Google is getting ready to make the ‘reopen closed tab’ feature instant. With this feature, when a user closes a page, Chrome won’t clear out the data immediately. It will instead freeze information about the page and then store it in a cache for a short time. If a user were to click the ‘reopen closed tab’ feature shortly after closing a tab, then it will reopen instantly instead of reloading the page all over agai...
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Google adds T-Rex, other dinosaurs to its AR Search feature

If you’re a big fan of Jurassic Park, you’ll probably get a kick out of looking up T-Rex on Google. Over the last year or so, Google has steadily added a number of animals and other cool things like astronauts to its augmented reality (AR) search system. Users can look up a variety of creatures and creations, such as tigers and sharks or skeletons and mitochondria, the powerhouse of the cell. The latest addition to AR Search brings several dinosaurs using graphics developed for the Jurassic World Alive game. You can now view 3D models of the Tyrannosaurus rex, Velociraptor, Triceratops, Spinosaurus, Stegosaurus, Brachiosaurus, Ankylosaurus, Dilophosaurus, Pteranodon and Parasaurolophus. As with the other AR animals, users can view ...
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Google to host Android 11 Reddit AMA for developers on July 9

Google has announced plans to hold an ‘AskMeAnything’ (AMA) on the Android Developers Reddit (r/androiddev) next week to answer questions about Android 11. The Android engineering team plans to host the AMA on July 9th and will start answering questions at 3pm EST/12pm PST. The AMA will last an hour and 20 minutes. Further, the team encouraged Redditors to submit questions ahead of time. The AMA will be part of Google’s ‘#11WeeksOfAndroid,’ the company’s pseudo-replacement for the cancelled I/O conference this year. It will be the first of many AMAs run by Google and will focus on Android 11 Compatibility. The next AMAs will focus on Android Developer Tools and the Android UI. Google says the AMA will include the following particip...
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Google’s Fitbit purchase being help up by antitrust investigations

Google’s acquisition of Fitbit is being held up by a few antitrust organizations around the world. Last November, Google made the first steps towards buying the popular smartwatch and fitness tracking company for $2.1 billion USD ($2.8 billion CAD). However, the European Commission and the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission are holding up the purchase. The main concerns of the investigations revolve around reduced competition in the wearable space and the fact that Google would be gaining all of Fitbit’s user data. The European Commission’s ruling on the deal should arrive on July 20th, while Australia’s antitrust board is warning against the deal, but won’t pass judgment until August. Google told Reuters that its acqui...
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Apple, Amazon, Google, and Facebook CEOs to Testify Before Congress on Antitrust

The CEOs of the four largest tech companies in the world are set to testify before Congress later this month. Apple’s Tim Cook, Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Alphabet/Google’s Sundar Pichai, and Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg have all agreed to answer questions related to the topic of antitrust. Cook, Bezos, Pichai, and Zuckerberg are all set to appear to testify before a US House Judiciary Committee antitrust investigation, according to Kara Swisher. The story was later picked up by The New York Times.SCOOP: You can officially call it Techopalooza. Rep. David Cicilline has told me in an interview today the four CEOs of the most powerful tech companies in the world – Apple, Facebook, Google and Amazon – have agreed to appear at a late July hearing on antitrust. Column coming! — Kara Swis...
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Google Removes 25 Apps Stealing Facebook Login Credentials

Google is said to have removed 25 apps from its Google Play store that were caught stealing Facebook credentials. According to French information-security firm Evina (via ZDNet), the apps amassed over 2.34 million downloads before they were removed from the Play Store in early June. The programs were disguised as games, flashlights, wallpapers, editing software, QR scanners, step counters, file managers, and more. While the apps performed these functions, the researchers said the apps could also check if the Facebook app is running in foreground. If that was the case, the apps would then try to fool users into entering their Facebook credentials into a fake Facebook login page. “When an application is launched on your phone, the malware queries the application name,” the secur...
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Google Stadia rolls out wireless controller support on Android

Google has added wi-fi controller assist to Stadia on Android. In a Stadia Neighborhood Weblog publish, Google famous that you just’ll want version 2.23 of the Stadia app. Beforehand, controllers may solely be used on cellular through a USB-C cable. Wi-fi assist has been accessible on desktop and TVs (through Chromecast), nonetheless. It’s essential to notice that your controller and cellphone will must be linked to the identical Wi-Fi community. The app will present directions on how one can pair the controller. It’s additionally value declaring that Google is currently offering 10 percent off its Stadia controller. Supply: Google
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Google Acquires Canadian Smart Glasses Company North

Canadian good glasses firm North, which launched its first-generation good glasses product referred to as ‘Focals 1.0’ final yr, has been acquired by Google. Rick Osterloh, Google’s SVP of Gadgets & Companies, confirmed the deal citing North’s “robust expertise basis” as a key driver behind the acquisition. In keeping with Osterloh, North will be a part of Google’s current staff within the Kitchener-Waterloo space, the place North is already based mostly, and it'll support with the corporate’s “{hardware} efforts and ambient computing future.”“As we speak we’re saying that Google has acquired North, a pioneer in human laptop interfaces and good glasses. North’s technical experience will assist as we proceed to spend money on our {hardware} efforts and ambient computing ...
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Google rolls out limited Assistant functionality to Stadia on TV

Google Stadia now supports Assistant on Stadia on TVs via Google Chromecast. Assistant has been available on TVs in early access since December, but this marks a rollout to all players. Otherwise, it functions exactly as it did then, allowing players to get responses to basic questions related to weather, time and more. It’s important to note that Assistant on Stadia still isn’t capable of detecting what game you’re playing and offering any relevant information accordingly. Further, Assistant is still not supported in any capacity on Stadia on mobile or desktop. When Stadia was revealed in March 2019, Google touted the Stadia controller’s built-in Assistant functionality as one of the streaming service’s standout features. With Ass...