Wednesday, January 13

Google Calendar

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Google Calendar makes your search button easier to find

Google has moved the search button in Calendar on Android to the top of the app to make it more accessible to users. “Changes have been made to the search function of Calendar Android. The search icon has now been moved to the top of your calendar to be more accessible, "the tech giant wrote in a post update. Although this is a simple change, it makes the experience much more intuitive. The search button was previously hidden within the side burger menu and was somewhat difficult to find, so this change puts it front and center. The change appears to have been rolled out for all Android users, but you may need to refresh your app to see the new UI button. Google notes that "search icon updates will be released in Calendar iOS sh...
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Google implements the integration of Tasks in Calendar for Android and iOS

Google is officially starting to roll out the Tasks integration in Calendar for Android and iOS, as first reported. 9to5Google. “Now you can create and view tasks in Google Calendar on Android and iOS. Previously, you could only do this in Calendar on the web, ”Google describes. There is a new 'Task' button that appears in the lower right corner of the Android and iOS app that is next to the 'Event' and 'Reminder' buttons. Once you click on it, you will be taken to a full screen user interface for editing. You can assign a date and choose if it repeats, and you can also quickly change which account it appears on. When you scroll down on this screen, you can see your calendar in the background. "Adding tasks to your calendar keeps pending tasks visible an...
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Google Calendar updates bring improved event editor pop-up to the web

Google Calendar is getting some new features on the desktop web app that will make it even easier to add events and print out your calendar. The search giant posted two updates to the G Suite blog detailing what’s new in Calendar for the web. First up, the pop-up tool for adding events now features more robust tools. Calendar users can now quickly select which calendar and colour they want to use when adding an event.For me, that’s a considerable improvement. Since I often manage work and personal Google Calendars, having to click ‘More options’ and open the full event editor just to change the event colour is a pain. This update should streamline that process. Users can also adjust their availability from the new event pop-up, c...