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Modder creates an exercise game using Mario Kart, Labo and Ring Fit Adventure

Nintendo's Ring Fit Adventure exercise game has become quite popular over the past year due to crashes related to COVID-19. Now a modder has taken Ring Fit even further by combining it with ideas and components from Mario Kart, the DIY Labo toy building kit, and a Nintendo Switch. In a recent video, self-proclaimed "hardware hacker" Mike Choi (mechachoi on YouTube) shows his home project, titled 'Labo Fit Adventure Kart'. Essentially, Choi built a device called the 'TAPBO' that clips onto the Ring-Con of Ring Fit and can receive signals from Nintendo's other peripherals. You will then press the buttons on the attached Joy-Con accordingly. With the TAPBO serving as the "heart" of the Labo Fit Adventure Kart, Choi built a cardboard ...
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Musician writes a sad and funny song about the shortage of PlayStation 5

The PlayStation 5 has been notoriously difficult to find since its launch in November. Whenever a retailer restocks the current generation gaming system, it sells out in just a few minutes without fail. With all this in mind, a musician came up with a funny and sad song about the shortage of consoles. On a recent Twitch broadcast, Claudio Sánchez, frontman of the progressive rock band Coheed and Cambria, put on an impromptu show. While he owns a PS5, it is clear that he was singing from the bottom of his heart to the many people who have yet to get hold of one. Check out the song for yourself: Best of luck to everyone trying to get a PS5.
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Cyberpunk 2077 is 31 percent off Amazon Canada right now

Console versions of Cyberpunk 2077 They are currently on sale at a 31 percent discount on Amazon Canada. This puts the game at $ 54.99 CAD, below its normal price of $ 79.99. The sale is applicable both in the Xbox One and Playstation 4 versions of the game. Cyberpunk 2077 just launched on December 10, which makes this discount especially remarkable. That said, while the game is still Amazon's number one seller in the games department, it's important to note that the console versions have experienced numerous glitches since launch. The game is currently removed from the PlayStation Store listing for this reason, as developer CD Projekt Red works to improve the state of the game. Earlier this week, the CD Projekt co-founder also ...
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CD Projekt Red explains what went wrong with Cyberpunk 2077, offers update on patch release

CD Projekt Red has released a new video that addresses some of the controversies that have surrounded Cyberpunk 2077. In a five-minute video posted on Cyberpunk 2077's official social media accounts, Marcin Iwiński, co-founder of CD Projekt, offered "a personal explanation of what the days leading up to Cyberpunk 2077 were like." The company says it prioritized PCs over consoles Iwiński opened his message apologizing for the broken state in which the console versions of Cyberpunk 2077 released on December 10. "Based on [our] legacy of genuine and honest communication, you have trusted us and reserved our game, and despite the good reviews on PC, the console version of Cyberpunk 2077 It did not meet the quality standard we wanted it to meet, ”Iwiński said. "I, and the entire leader...
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Hogwarts Legacy, Harry Potter game, delayed to 2022

Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment has been delayed Hogwarts legacy sometime in 2022. Developed by Avalanche Software, the Harry Potter open-world RPG was first revealed in September for a 2021 release. On the official Hogwarts Legacy Twitter account, Warner Bros. issued the following statement: “We would like to thank fans around the world for the tremendous reaction to the announcement of Hogwarts legacy from our Portkey Games label. Creating the best possible experience for all fans of the wizarding world and games is paramount to us, so we are giving the game the time it needs. Hogwarts legacy will be released in 2022 ". Hogwarts legacy it's been a long time coming. Images of an initial version of the game were leaked in October 2018, almost two full years before its offic...
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Razer’s CES concepts include RGB-lit goggle and immersive gaming chair

Companies often use CES as an opportunity to showcase sophisticated concept products, many of which will likely never see final production. With CES going virtual this year, there hasn't been as much room for flashy concepts, but that doesn't mean there aren't. Razer followed up its announcement of the Blade laptop with a look at two crazy concept projects; a wacky RGB mask and immersive high-tech gaming chair. First, Razer showcased Project Hazel, dubbed the world's smartest face mask. Razer said it innovated the N95 medical grade mask with removable and rechargeable active fans and 'SmartPods' that regulate airflow for optimal breathability. SmartPods can filter at least 95 percent of airborne particles and have high resistance to fluids, according to Razer. One of the most i...
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Lenovo Announces New ThinkBook and Legion Laptops at CES 2021

Lenovo has been crying a bit for the past few weeks, announcing a slew of new laptops and tablets both before and at CES 2021. The company's third round of announcements is now falling with new models in its ThinkBook line. In addition, Lenovo also introduced several Legion gaming laptops. While Lenovo's ThinkBook line is aimed at small and medium-sized businesses, I've been using a ThinkBook on and off for over a year now, and it's been one of the most reliable and consistent Windows laptops I've used in a long time. . Some of the new ThinkBooks that Lenovo introduced look quite exciting, and if they maintain that reliability, they will definitely be ones to keep an eye on. Lenovo ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 me Lenovo announced the ThinkBook Plus Gen 2 me, ThinkBook 13x me, ThinkBook 14...
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Animal Crossing: New Horizons Was the Most Tweeted Game in Canada in 2020

Twitter has released its annual 'Gaming Insights' report for 2020, which offers various data on global tweeting habits related to video games. According to Twitter, the great success of Nintendo Animal Crossing: New Horizons it was the most tweeted game in Canada last year. This is not too surprising, given that it was a relaxed and joyous experience that came at the perfect time for many in the midst of the pandemic. Said that New Horizons it is only a game; Interestingly, the rest of Twitter's top 10 consisted of franchises in general. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Call of Duty Fortnite Final Fantasy Grand Theft Auto Minecraft Super Mario Fire emblem The legend of Zelda Genshin Impact In the meantime, here are other trends th...
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Sony reveals release months for various PlayStation 5 exclusives

PlayStation has provided specific release windows for several upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive games. During the Sony CES 2021 keynote, PlayStation boss Jim Ryan made a brief appearance to talk about the Japanese tech giant's gaming brand. Overall, nothing Ryan said was new, as he mostly took the opportunity to recap the record-breaking PS5 launch while looking forward to live-action adaptations of Unexplored and The last of us. However, the most notable thing about the PlayStation segment of the keynote was found in the fine print that followed Ryan's comments. Sony also added a ton of dates for PS5 games. Return - 03/19/21Pragmata - 2023 (laughs)Solar Ash - June 2021Kena - March 2021Stray & Ghostwire Tokyo - October 2021Little D...
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Xbox introduces new red and white Canadian flag style controller

Microsoft has revealed a new 'Pulse Red' Xbox wireless controller that will launch in Canada on February 9. Priced at $ 74.99 CAD, the controller features an all-red top case and a white rear case which, when combined, give the controller a decidedly Canadian look. On top of that, the 'Pulse Red' gamepad is part of Microsoft's new line of Xbox controllers that was introduced with the Xbox Series X and S Last Holiday. This means that the Pulse Red controller features several improvements over the original Xbox One controller, including a dedicated 'Share' button, an updated D-pad, and textured grips on the handles and triggers. Like the other new Xbox wireless controllers, the Pulse Red gamepad is compatible with Xbox One, Xbox Ser...
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Here are eight Canadian-made games to watch out for in 2021

Last year, Canada impressed the video game industry with a variety of quality titles, including Immortal Fenyx Rising from Ubisoft Quebec, Spiritfarer of Thunder Lotus, based in Montreal, and Star Wars Squads from EA Motive, based in Montreal. Now, in 2021, it looks like production from Canadian developers will be just as strong, if not stronger, with a diverse lineup of games, both large and small. With that in mind, here are eight Canadian-made games that are well worth keeping an eye on this year. Cuphead: The Delicious Last Dish Developer / Editor: MDHR study (based in Oakville, Ontario with developers across Canada)Gender: Run and shootPlatform: Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, PCRelease date: TBA 2021 Although it is not a completely new game, The delicious last dish...
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Microsoft executives once laughed at a room after trying to buy Nintendo

For nearly two decades, there have been three major console hardware manufacturers: Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox. However, there is a world where there may be only two major console makers if former Microsoft executives had their way. Talking to Bloomberg As part of a larger oral history of the creation of the Xbox, Kevin Bachus, Microsoft's former director of third-party relations, revealed that prior to the launch of the Xbox in 2001, the company had tried without success to acquire Nintendo. "Steve [Ballmer, Microsoft’s former CEO] he made us go meet with Nintendo to see if they would consider being acquired, "said Bachus. “They just laughed out loud. Like, imagine an hour when someone laughs at you. That's how that meeting was. " Bachus also revealed that Microsoft had mee...