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Jagmeet Singh and AOC to stream Among Us on Twitch on November 27

While November 27 marks this year's Black Friday, it's notable for another reason too: NDP leader Jagmeet Singh will stream the popular multiplayer game. Among us on that date. Singh's broadcast will begin on his self-titled Twitch channel at 4 pm PT / 7 pm ET. Those interested can confirm their attendance via the NDP website.I'm in 🤙🏾 🎮👉🏾 @hasanthehun you join? - Jagmeet Singh (@theJagmeetSingh) November 25, 2020In particular, Singh promises a series of "special guests" on his broadcast, with an American broadcaster. Hasan's Piker "HasanAbi" being the first revealed participant. Following Piker's confirmation, the representative of the United States House of Representatives, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (DN.Y.) - he had his own gr...
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Here are the free games coming to PlayStation Plus in December 2020

Each month Sony offers a few PlayStation 4 games at no additional cost to those subscribing to its PlayStation Plus service. Now, the company has revealed which free titles will hit the service in December 2020. From Tuesday, December 1 to Monday, January 4, PS Plus subscribers will be able to download Worms rumble, Just cause 4 Y Rocket arena free. It is worth noting that Worms rumble It will launch on PS5 and PS4 on December 1, which means it will be available for free on both platforms through PS Plus on day one. Meanwhile, Just cause 4 Y Rocket arena They are PS4 titles that can be played on PS5 through backward compatibility. For now, the November PlayStation Plus games are still available. Find out more here. A Subscript...
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PlayStation Canada promises more PS5 stock by the end of the year

Sony has confirmed that it will have more PlayStation 5 units on sale before the end of the year. In tweets on its main PlayStation account and on the PlayStation Canada account, Sony noted that the demand for the PS5 has been "unprecedented", making it the "largest console launch of the company."We want to thank gamers around the world for making the PS5 launch the biggest console launch to date. The demand for PS5 is unprecedented, so we wanted to confirm that more PS5 inventory will hit retailers before the end of the year. Stay in touch with your local retailers. - PlayStation Canada (@PlayStationCA) November 25, 2020For now, Sony advises interested buyers to "stay in touch with their local retailers."We will cover Can...
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Google Stadia store’s Black Friday deal offers discounts on dozens of games

Google has launched its Black Friday deals for its Stadia game streaming service. It's important to note that while there are many offers available to free Stadia users, some are exclusive to those who subscribe at $ 11.99 / month.Pro'tier. See below some of the more notable offers:Assassin's Creed Odyssey - $ 19.99 (normally $ 79.99) [Stadia Pro only] Borderlands 3 - $ 26.39 (normally $ 79.99) The Division 2 - $ 11.99 (normally $ 39.99) Doom Eternal Standard Edition - $ 26.39 (normally $ 79.99) Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 - $ 10.55 (normally $ 65.99) Far Cry 5 - $ 19.99 (normally $ 79.99) [Stadia Pro only] Hitman - Game of the Year Edition Pack - $ 15.99 (normally $ 79.99) [Stadia Pro only] Just Dance 2020 - $ 20.09 (normally $ 66.0...
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The latest device to run Doom is Nintendo’s Game & Watch

At this point, it has become one of the certainties of the life that he dedicated Condemn fans will try to launch the iconic first-person shooter series on some unorthodox device or another. After all, we have seen several versions of Condemn be playable through Minecraft, a pregnancy test and even a fridge. Now, programmers stacking Y Konrad beckmann Have made Condemn Playable on Nintendo's recently released Game & Watch: Super Mario Bros.Unfortunately, it doesn't work as well as other versions. The speed had to be reduced, the sound was turned off and the textures were simplified in another way to put it to work. Additionally, the programmers needed to "trick" the Game & Watch into downloading their firmware using other code...
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Here are EB Games Canada’s Black Friday 2020 deals

EB Games Canada has released its full Black Friday 2020 brochure, following a series of previous offers. See below for a rundown of some of the more notable offerings. Please note that all offers run from November 26-30, unless otherwise noted (some have already started). Multi platformJust Dance 2021 (PS4 / Xbox One / Nintendo Switch) - $ 39.99 (normally $ 59.99) [November 26th to December 4th] Madden NFL 21 (PS4 / Xbox One) - $ 39.99 (normally $ 79.99) with Wilson NFL Mini Football bonus [November 19th to 30th] Marvel's Avengers (PS4 / Xbox One) - $ 39.99 (normally $ 79.99) [November 22nd to 30th] NBA 2K21 (PS4 / Xbox One) - $ 39.99 (normally $ 79.99) NHL 21 (PS4 / Xbox One) - $ 39.99 (normally $ 79.99) [November 19th to 30th]...
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Google to offer Stadia Premiere Edition free with pre-orders of Cyberpunk 2077 in Canada

Google has announced that starting today, Stadia customers who book Cyberpunk 2077 On Stadia you can get a free Stadia Premiere Edition. The company has confirmed that this promotion is valid in all 14 countries where Stadia is available, including Canada. For context, the game is priced at C $ 79.99 and can be reserved in the Stadia store. Meanwhile, Stadia Premiere Edition is priced at $ 139 in Canada and includes a Stadia controller and Chromecast Ultra to allow streaming to televisions. It is important to note that Stadia Pro - the $ 11.99 / mo service offering 4K / 60fps streaming and a growing catalog of free games - not included in the Premiere Edition. Instead, Google invites new Stadia users to Sign up for a free month o...
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58 percent of Canadian adults have been playing more during COVID-19

Every two years, the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), the Canadian gaming industry lobby group, publishes its 'Essential Facts' study, which contains a wealth of data on Canadian gamers. Now, the organization has published its 2020 Essential Facts study, titled "Real Canadian Gamer", conducted by NPD Group between May 18, 2020 and May 27, 2020. Of course, this year has been primarily defined by COVID-19. pandemic, which affected the results in various ways. "Our research shows that video games not only help people feel better while staying at home, but they keep people connected." Notably, of the 23 million Canadians who play video games, 58 percent of Canadian adults and 80 percent of teens say they have been playing more during the pandemic. On top of t...
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Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity is an excellent prequel to Breath of the Wild

One of the most forgotten Wii U games was Hyrule Warriors, a remarkably solid game that wonderfully blends iconic characters and the world of The legend of Zelda with the frenzied and exaggerated combat of Warriors dynasty. Now, Nintendo has re-teamed with Warriors developer Omega Force for a new Zelda-Warrior dynasty Cross, Hyrule Warriors: Age of Calamity. However, this one is possibly much more interesting than the original. Hyrule Warriors, as it is actually a prequel to the beloved Switch title The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild (BOTW).By taking this approach, Omega Force has provided a Hyrule Warriors experience that serves as a meaningful iteration on the original and a splendid companion for BOTW. An era of heroes Set 100 years before the events of BOTW, Era of calamit...
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New study finds video games are beneficial for mental health

A new study from England's University of Oxford has found that video games can improve gamers' mental health. Published on November 16, the university article analyzed a total of 3,274 players (all over the age of 18) in the US, UK and Canada who play Plants vs Zombies: Battle for Neighborville Y Animal Crossing: New Horizons. Overall, the study found that the actual amount of time spent playing marked a "small but significant positive factor in people's well-being." Additionally, Oxford noted that players' subjective experiences during play could be an even more important factor in well-being than mere playing time. “Our findings show that video games are not necessarily bad for your health; there are other psychological factor...
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PS5 download issue forcing some users to factory reset their consoles

Some PlayStation 5 users report that they have been forced to factory reset their consoles due to a download queue issue. In the past two days since the PS5 was released in North America and other parts of the world, several PS5 buyers have said IGN Y VideogamesChronicle that your PS5 gets stuck in "limbo" when some PS5 games are "queued to download". Apparently, the PS5 seems to think that certain PS5 games are downloading when in fact they are not, rendering the game in question unplayable. This issue is reportedly happening with various titles, including Spider-Man Remastered, Demon's Souls, Sackboy: A Big Adventure and even the Disney + app, although it seems to occur more frequently with Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War. For ...
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Walmart Canada now sells PlayStation 5 on its website

Walmart Canada now has stock for the PS5 on its website. Standard model for $ 629 CAD is available here, while the $ 499 discless digital edition can be ordered here. Keep in mind that these sell out quickly so order immediately if you can. For more on the PS5, check out our full review here. Update 11:17 am ET: Unsurprisingly, Walmart has sold out its PS5s in just a few minutes.