Friday, January 15


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COVID alert bug left some users without exposure notifications for two weeks

Canada's COVID alert app received an update to correct a bug that left multiple users without exposure notifications for two weeks in November. The update, which was released on November 23rd, included a patch note stating that it fixes a "bug causing gaps in exposure checks for some users." explains that the bug meant that some users would not have received notifications if they came into close contact with someone who had COVID-19. Also, it's unclear how many people missed these exposure notifications due to the glitch. According to , the issue was first brought to the developer's attention by the commenters in the Google Play Store already on November 12. Together with Play Store users, spoke with Urs Hengartner, an associate professor of computer science at the University of...
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3 Quick Tips to Help Your Digital Security While Your Work From Home

This article about cyber security work from home is sponsored by PC Laptops. Visit PC Laptops today for free virus and malware scan because PC Laptops really loves you.If you’ve started to work from home during the pandemic, you might be more at risk than you think. Most big companies have more protective measures in place than you do at home. So what can you do to protect yourself and your computers at home? Here are three tips to help your work from home security on your computer!Make Sure You Have a Good Anti-Virus Program Photo: Adobe Stock You’ll want to install good antivirus software on the computer you are using to work from home. But before you do, make sure your computer is already clean. That means you need to do a scan on your computer to see if th...