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Safari can open a hidden ‘Items’ tab in Apple’s Find My app

Apple's Safari browser contains a shortcut that opens an 'Items' page in the company's Find My app on iPhones, iPads, and Macs. Discovered by David Chu, who posted screenshots on Twitter, and reported by MacRumors, the shortcut allows users to access a portion of the Find My application long associated with Apple's AirTags product. MacRumors He says he first found the Find My Items page in 2019, and has been a part of the app ever since, though it's not accessible to anyone except registered Apple developers.Typing findmy: // items in Safari will take you to this hidden UI in Find My! - David Chu (@davidvanchu) January 13, 2021The app page would likely be available in a future update corresponding to ...
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Apple Threatened Legal Action if Developers Talked About ‘Find My’ App

Citing a “secret Apple document,” a report by The Washington Post is claiming that the Cupertino giant threatened legal action against individual developers if they shared details about the updated specifications of its ‘Find My’ app, which the company said it would allow outside access to during last month’s WWDC. Following its announcement to allow developers access to Find My, Apple uploaded the details of the new software so that developers could download it and begin working on implementing it in gadgets for the official launch of the Find My network sometime in the future. However, developers were required to sign an additional document called the “Limited License to Find My Network Accessory Spec” before downloading the software, which prevented them from sharing detail...