Monday, January 18

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Naomi Osaka slams critics of her swimsuit photos

Japanese two-time Grand Slam champion Naomi Osaka tweeted on July 26 that she’s “creeped out” by critics and fans who are commenting on social media photos where Osaka is in a bathing suit.Osaka has millions of followers and has become one of the most marketable names in women’s tennis — netting an estimated $37 million last year, setting a record for female athletes.But accolades aside, it seems that people can’t accept Osaka as a 22-year-old who wears a bathing suit to a pool.I just wanna say it’s creeping me out how many people are commenting @ me to maintain my “innocent image” and “don’t try to be someone your not”. You don’t know me, I’m 22, I wear swimsuits to the pool. Why do you feel like you can comment on what I can wear?— NaomiOsaka大坂なおみ (@naomiosaka) July 26,...