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The government announces a $ 5.6 million project to build a 40km fiber optic line in BC

The Minister of Rural Economic Development, Maryam Monsef, has announced the construction of a 40 km fiber optic line between Whistler and Mount Currie, BC A total of $ 5.6 million has been allocated for the project, which is expected to be completed next month. The government notes that more than $ 2 million of the funding is being provided through its Connect to Innovate program. More than $ 1.9 million comes from the provincial government and $ 1.6 million in funding comes from Shaw Communications. “We started this work before the pandemic and will accelerate our efforts to move forward. This project will provide critical infrastructure to improve connectivity in underserved communities and First Nations in rural British Columbia, ”Monsef said at a P...
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Feds to Spend Up to $ 10 Million on COVID Alert Awareness Campaign

The federal government plans to spend up to $ 10 million on a public awareness campaign to boost downloads of the COVID Alert exposure notification app, according to The logic. The news comes when the application exceeds 1.5 million accumulated downloads since its official launch on July 31. At the time of writing, COVID Alert was downloadable nationwide, but only Ontario issued the unique codes the app uses to warn users of potential COVID-19 exposure. Digital Government Minister Joyce Murray said The logic she hopes that all the provinces and territories will eventually unite. Additionally, Murray noted that Atlantic Canada would likely begin to participate shortly. In March, the federal government pledged $ 30 million for a...
EDITORIAL: Reject capital gains tax on home sales
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EDITORIAL: Reject capital gains tax on home sales

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government have no plans to impose a capital gains tax on the sale of residential homes, why is the Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp. — a federal Crown agency — spending $250,000 to study a capital gains tax on residential homes?“The objective is to identify solutions that could level the playing field between renters and owners,” a CMHC spokesperson told Blacklock’s Reporter last week.The research is being conducted by the University of British Columbia’s School of Population.“Many Canadians bank on profits from home ownership to secure their financial future and gain wealth,” the UBC project Generation Squeeze said. UBC researchers previously described homeowners as “lottery winners.”“We need to make it so that no Canadian relies on gain...
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Alberta premier claims feds blocking fix for ‘ABTraceTogether’ privacy issues

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney accused the federal government of preventing the province from working with Apple and Google to improve its contact tracing app. “Unfortunately, the government of Canada has told Google and Apple not to work with the government of Alberta — or other provincial governments — on improving the TraceTogether app,” Kenney said during a press conference, as reported by . Kenney’s comments come after Alberta’s privacy commissioner released a report citing privacy concerns with the province’s contact tracing app. Called ‘ABTraceTogether,’ the app uses Bluetooth to identify other nearby smartphones with the app and log contact between people. The platform can help Alberta Health track the spread of COVID-19. However, late last week, Alberta’s privacy commissioner...
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GUNTER: Here’s why Trudeau keeps making ethics blunders

On Wednesday, during one of the House of Common’s rare sitting days permitted by our current Liberal minority government, there was an exchange between Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that does as much as anything to explain why Trudeau keeps making ethics blunders.It also explains why Liberal voters continue to stand by him.Scheer asked the PM whether he would waive “privileges and confidences” in the ethics commissioner’s investigation of the WE Charity scandal.“Privileges and confidences” refers, mostly, to rules governing the confidentiality of cabinet discussions. What ministers say at cabinet and among themselves (and in many cases with senior civil servants) cannot be divulged to the public until decades later.Like doctor-patient and law...