Monday, November 30


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Eerie animal behavior at vineyard caught on camera: ‘It never stops’

Imagine you’re on vacation at a vineyard, enjoying wine and cheese and the company of your friends. The weather is perfect, the grass is green and the drinks are flowing.It couldn’t get better than this, right? Well, what if we added 2,000 ducks to the equation?At Vergenoegd Löw Wine Estate, which is just outside Cape Town in South Africa, that’s a daily reality. An employee blows a whistle and a “parade” of thousands of ducks walk through the vineyard.According to Atlas Obscura, the ducks then spend the next few hours eating bugs around the vineyard, serving as “natural pest control.”TikTok user Taryn Dissett shared a video of the magical moment.She said that the creatures are Indian Runner ducks — they have long bodies and tuck their wings in b...