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Cricket 7-year-old busy daughter Philipps inspires her to post a bikini photo

By Rachel McRady‍, 19 seconds ago Philipps busy'Younger daughter has taught her to embrace her laid back summer style. The 41-year-old actress is the mother of Birdie, 11, and Cricket, 7, and opened on a new Instagram post about how the younger one inspired her. RELATED: Busy Philipps Shares Setbacks Crying Selfies After Being 'Blind' By Cancellation Of His Talk Show “The other night, Cricket (my 7-year-old son) told me AND I QUOTE, 'You know what I love SO MUCH? How you wear only a swimsuit top and, like, your jean shorts or a skirt. I don't know why * I * don't do that. I also packed a lot of bikinis *. You should do that. I really like how he sees you, '' Philipps recalled. "And it was so sweet, pure and loving."See ...
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The daughter of ‘Pioneer Woman’ star Ree Drummond, Alex, announces her engagement: See the photos!

By Antoinette Bueno‍, 1 minute ago It was a great weekend for "Pioneer Woman" star Ree Drummond and her 23-year-old daughter Alex. Alex, who appears regularly at her mother's house. Food web show, she got engaged to her college boyfriend, Mauricio Scott. The moment was captured in a series of stunning engagement photos taken by Alex's college friend Parker Chase, featuring Alex in a pink summer dress and sandals as Mauricio knelt down.“Am I still waiting for someone to pinch me ??!?! Mauricio Scott is the sweetest image of God's goodness and provision. And I can ALWAYS spend with him! Alex captioned a series of engagement photos on Instagram. "I love you, fiance!"Proud mom Ree approves and writes on her own Instagram: “These two will...
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Garth Brooks’ daughter Allie releases two new themes after Coronavirus battle

By Sarah Curran. 8 seconds ago Allie Colleen is singing her way to stardom, as is her father, the country music icon. Garth Brooks' youngest daughter has delighted her growing fan base with the release of two new songs. RELATED: Garth Brooks Reveals His Daughter's Coronavirus Diagnosis: 'All You Do Is Pray The Bones Of Your Knee' According to the singer and songwriter, "Best Friend" and "Road You Take" represent two parts of a personal journey that she has experienced. "What started as a song about the worst heartbreak I have ever experienced, flourished on this incredible journey of difficult questions and healing," Colleen explained, according to The boot. "These two songs have brought me clarity and tranquility in the love I deserve as a woman and a frien...
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Teddi Mellencamp shares update after girl’s neurosurgery

Teddi Mellencamp He has informed fans that his five-month-old daughter's neurosurgery was successful.RELATED: Teddi Mellencamp Says His 5-Month-Old Daughter Needs Neurological Surgery: 'We Are Full Of Nerves' Baby Dove has a condition called lambdoid craniosynostosis, which can affect the natural growth of the skull.Taking to his Instagram Live on Friday, the The "Real Housewives of Beverly Hills" star said her daughter was "strong and resilient." RELATED: Stassi Schroeder Reveals He's Inviting Lisa Vanderpump and Teddi Mellencamp to Their Wedding Despite Its ConsequencesThank you for all your prayers. Baby Dove had a successful surgery, ”Teddi wrote to Instagram. “Thank you so much to your amazing surgeons, Dr. Danielpour and Dr. Urata, and to all the loving nurses who w...