Unethical booster doses

Some high-income countries continue to defy logic: After amassing enough doses to immunize their own populations repeatedly, they are now planning to give them booster shots as millions of people around the world wait for their very first dose. vaccine. Meanwhile, the World Health Organization has repeatedly said that these reminders must be delayed and […]

A hymn to federal spending power

If the last Freeland budget, tabled less than five months ago in the spring, did not skimp with a contribution of 100 billion in three years to revive the economy in addition to the same amount listed in its November budget statement, the electoral platform of Liberal Party of Canada is upbeat by adding 78 […]

The end of a bilingual Canada

One subject is almost absent from the election campaign: the Francophonie in Canada. Let’s take the opportunity to take a look and ask a disturbing question. If grants to Francophone organizations were cut, what would remain of Francophone communities outside Quebec? We can first of all pretend that the question is hypothetical or even far-fetched, […]

Historic drought and energy crisis in Brazil

The historic drought currently hitting Brazil is causing an extremely serious energy crisis in a country where two-thirds of the electricity is produced by hydroelectric plants. • Read also: Brazil under threat of severe drought “We are on the verge of the limit,” warned President Jair Bolsonaro, reduced last week to asking Brazilians “to turn […]

Blanchet has unblocked a controversial factory project

The Bloc leader Yves-François Blanchet unblocked the drinking water filtration plant project in Shawinigan eight years ago, according to the mayor, and which is now increasing environmental offenses. • Read also: Contamination in Shawinigan: several endangered species • Read also: A brand new factory destroys the environment Mr. Blanchet, who was Minister of the Environment […]

Politico’s transaction gives Axel Springer income and a platform in the US – El Tiempo Latino

In a world where interest in news media has dropped significantly, Politico has been a successful and now very profitable story for its founders. PHOTO: By POLITICO LLC – http://www.politico.com/f/?id=0000014f-d13f-d684-afef-f9bf0d880000, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php? curid = 47211749 Brooke Masters When German publisher Axel Springer agreed last week to acquire Politico, the first media reaction was envy. […]

Climate: for Beijing, the ball is in Washington’s court

Beijing recalled Thursday that cooperation on climate with the United States depended on the general good relationship between the two powers, during the visit to China of John Kerry, the American envoy for the climate. Sino-American relations have become strained in recent months with disputes over Beijing’s human rights record in Xinjiang, the situation in […]

Calgary Police Need Help Finding a Missing Man Who Works at the Level of a 9-Year-Old – Calgary | The Canadian News

Calgary police are searching for a 26-year-old missing man who is functioning at a nine-year level and has a severe speech impediment, “which makes his disappearance very concerning.” Officers said Robert Mitchell Lake was last seen Wednesday leaving the 400 block of Cedarille Crescent SW between 8:30 a.m. and 6 p.m. Trend stories Will Canadians […]

Americans gone, Taliban must now rule

After having celebrated the departure of the United States from Afghanistan, the Taliban must tackle a gigantic task: to rule one of the poorest countries in the world, which does not yet know what to expect from them. The Taliban had said to wait for the departure of the last foreign soldiers before announcing the […]

The twin sisters of Kamouraska

The landscape is the imprint of humans on nature, or nature on humans. Whether you occupy it or admire it, the territory becomes significant when it bears witness to this close relationship and the values ​​of the time. Second part from our series : the cabourons of the plain and the Kamouraska islands which, despite […]

A shortage of paper shaking the Quebec edition

The shortage of paper made in Quebec, and especially recycled paper, is causing headaches for printers and publishers of books and magazines. Example ? The magazine New project last week warned its subscribers of a delay of almost 15 days in the delivery of its 20e number. Is Quebec destined to become “undocumented”? Explosion in […]

Authorized withdrawal of shells from Lac Saint-Pierre

The Legault government has just authorized the Department of National Defense to launch an ambitious project which should make it possible to remove approximately 15,000 shells from the bottom of Lake Saint-Pierre, where more than 500,000 projectiles have been fired over the decades. This delicate operation will not, however, make it possible to remove all […]

Assessment centers for children without a doctor

Designated Assessment Clinics (CDEs), which welcome adults and children with flu-like or COVID-19-like symptoms, will close their doors next Monday. Designated pediatric clinics will however take over for clients aged 3 months to 16 years, learned The duty. An initiative which, doctors hope, will help relieve emergency rooms. The Assistant Deputy Minister at the Ministry […]

Avoided chaos for the vaccine passport

Some restaurateurs observed a drop in traffic yesterday, but this first day of the health passport will have finally been for most of them much less rock’n’roll than what Minister Christian Dubé had anticipated. • Read also: Vaccination passport: some customers facing a wall • Read also: Details of the vaccination passport • Read also: […]

The races get tough in Quebec

Three-way struggles are emerging in Quebec, a few hours away from a first debate which promises to be “decisive” for the rest of the federal election campaign, reveals a vast Léger-Le Journal-TVA poll conducted in all regions of France. province. • Read also: Voting intentions that fluctuate Like the various polls published in recent days […]