‘What kind of bullets defeat body armour?’ Online posts reveal disturbing details on alleged Buffalo killer | The Canadian News

The recent deadly racist attack in Buffalo, N.Y., planned with tactical advice from online chat groups, is sparking calls in Canada and beyond for better oversight of internet content. But civil liberties activists say trying to effectively sanitize the web of hateful or violent material is logistically difficult. The massacre at Tops supermarket left 10 dead and three injured. […]

Parliamentary petitions — like the one on public nudity — give ordinary Canadians some skin in the game | The Canadian News

This is an excerpt from Minority Report, a weekly newsletter on federal politics. If you haven’t subscribed yet, you can do that by clicking here. A petition to end prosecutions for public nudity is one of many parliamentary petitions Canadians are using to build support for a cause and participate directly in the governing process. Petitioners can […]

Young Thug, Gunna indictment criticized as racially biased for using rap lyrics as evidence | The Canadian News

Two American rappers were indicted on gang-related charges last week, with prosecutors citing their lyrics and music videos as evidence — a strategy that has been widely documented and criticized both in the U.S. and Canada. The 88-page indictment filed in Georgia’s Fulton County alleges that Young Thug — an Atlanta rapper who co-wrote This […]

What is a Barcelonan in 2022?, by Carles Cols

They have asked a representative sample of Barcelonans what they think of feminism, religion, immigration, suicide, abortion, euthanasia, the monarchy, street vending, sneaking into the subway, smoking a joint, the call cake on time for the children…, come on, a splash of ingredients that, properly sewn the answers, can explain to someone from outside what […]

Josep Pla: a karate fighter against pedants

Josep Pla (1897-1981) was not insensitive to the pleasures of the table, although he greatly preferred those of the after-meal: coffees, Johnny Walker whiskey, ‘cigarrillus’ and conversation. In fact, it seems that the pleasures of the table were for him a toll to reach those of the table; a toll that could sometimes be shaken […]

Stories of ‘Borbonia’, by Carles Francino

If a real referendum had been called in October 2017, my vote could have ended up supporting the independence of Catalonia. The beating of citizens, when they just participated in a symbolic Simulacrum, It turned my guts so bad that it could have clouded my reason. And the King’s subsequent speech didn’t help calm me […]

Don’t forget my mother, read her letters

Shirley Jackson named her first typewriter Ernest. And she decided that Ernest was going to be someone not too trustworthy. Someone who tended to want to laugh at her. She talked about him in her letters as if he were a guy she lived with. Someone who, like the Doctor from ‘Doctor Who’, was changing […]

Disdain for pink: the infamous romance genre

When one thinks of romantic novels, shiny covers surely come to mind, titles so sugary that they are fattening and authors with names that seem from another era, or at least typical of some of the heroines of their own books (Corín Tellado, Danielle Steel , Megan Maxwell). And despite all the romantic is one […]

The other ‘partners’ of Barça and Madrid

Real Madrid and Barça have already found the ‘made in Spain’ formula to collect the benefits of the German ownership model. Now, if the Bundesliga is about giving investors access to all football-related operations, the two LaLiga transatlantic liners have chosen to be even more specific and limit these alliances to some of the most […]

Residents on high alert

The municipalities of Saint-Félicien and Saint-Henri-de-Taillon are on high alert as the water level in Lac Saint-Jean is abnormally high. Unheard of, according to several residents who fear flooding. Public works and the Saint-Félicien fire department were preparing for the worst for the next few days. The water level rose up to 18 feet and […]

The judge denounces the prosecutor’s obstacles in the investigation of the head of Puigdemont’s office

The judge of Barcelona Joaquin Aguirre reproaches in a harsh car, to which EL PERIÓDICO has had access, that the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor’s Office hamper the investigation against Josep Lluis Alayhead of the office of the ‘expresident’ Carles Puigdemont. In this resolution, it agrees to “expand the exposure of evidence of criminality & rdquor; against Alay […]

No other choice but to close on Sunday

Overwhelmed by the shortage of labor and pandemic fatigue, more and more merchants and restaurateurs are posting “closed” on Sundays or another day of the week in order to relieve their employees. • Read also: Difficult to see an optometrist on weekends • Read also: No big resignation, but a lot of discontent among those […]

Of RV owners prefer standing still

Seasonal campsites are more coveted than ever by RV owners scared of gas prices, so campgrounds have to turn them down. • Read also: Camping Québec wants to keep a classification • Read also: Outdoors and travel: 5 new books to get inspired and plan “Seasonal camping used to be cheesy, but it’s become trendy. […]

A year connected to a heart of Berlin

The parents of a 22-month-old baby hooked up for a year to a mechanical heart hope a transplant will allow them to bring him home, he who is at risk of complications every day. The story of little Eliam and his parents is one of resilience. The toddler has been in intensive care for more […]

Delays that are blinding her

A 66-year-old woman who has lost sight in one eye fears she will lose it completely because of delays in getting cataract surgery. • Read also: Shop for your surgery to go faster “I can’t see anything at all with my left eye and I’m starting to have trouble seeing with my right eye, so […]

A challenge to take a break from screens

The 54% of Quebecers who say they feel panic when their phone’s battery drops below 20% might be ripe for taking part in the 24-hour screen-free challenge organized today by the PAUSE collective, in order to get away for a moment of virtual disturbances. • Read also: Use of screens in daycare: Quebec gives up […]

A complaint that degenerates at UdeM

Students who have filed a complaint against a lecturer who joked in virtual class that the tail of cats gave “orgasms” to one of them denounce the inaction of the University of Montreal. “At some point, we get bored,” says Élise* (fictitious name). She is one of the students of the School of Industrial Relations […]