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COVID Alert App

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Healthcare Workers Can Now Temporarily Disable COVID Alert While At Work

Healthcare workers can now temporarily disable the COVID Alert exposure notification app while at work. The Canadian Digital Service (CDS) has announced in a series of tweets that a new feature allows users to turn the app on or off. "This change comes from hearing feedback, specifically from healthcare workers, who asked to make it easier to turn off the app while at work and wear the appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE)," the agency tweeted.Ongoing usability testing allows us to learn more about your needs and how #Alert for COVID-19 you can meet them. This helps us decide on new features, including the latest one released today that allows a person to turn the app on or off. More information about this new feature 👇...
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The COVID alert app is now available in Quebec

After previously favoring a solution made in Quebec, the provincial government is now encouraging Quebecers to download the COVID Alert app that is in use in other parts of the country. In late September, the Quebec government said the rapid increase in recent cases had forced it to use the federal app. The province is now in 79,650 cases, with 1,191 new cases being recorded on October 4. The COVID Alert app has been in use in Ontario since the summer. It uses a Bluetooth-based system to keep an anonymous list of all the phones it has been close to lately. Then, if one of the devices on the list reports that its owner is COVID-19 positive, the app will alert you so you can get tested.Today, the Government of Canada and the Government of Quebec confirme...
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Covid Alert App Comes to New Brunswick and Saskatchewan

The Canadian COVID Alert App is now available to residents of New Brunswick and Saskatchewan. The COVID Alert app works by using the new notification API from Apple and Google along with good old-fashioned human cooperation. When someone tests positive for COVID-19, they enter a code into the app, and then any phone that is also using the COVID Alert that has been near the infected device will notify their users so they can get tested too.Hello New Brunswick and Saskatchewanians! You've been washing your hands, staying six feet away, and wearing your masks, and now there's another tool you can use to protect yourself, your loved ones, and our frontline workers - the COVID Alert app is available today. . - Justin Trudeau (@JustinTrudeau) September 18, 20...
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Premier Ford May Ditch School Phone Ban So Students Can Use COVID Alert App

Prime Minister Doug Ford could be lifting Ontario's smartphone ban in schools At the press conference on Wednesday, Narcity reports, that Ford hinted that it may remove the ban so students can download and use the COVID-19 alert tracking app. Ford has not made any official comment, but said: "We can look [scrapping the ban], ”According to the publication. Earlier this month, the COVID Alert app was released, and Ford suggested that many Canadians download it immediately. The app only works if you have your phone with you at all times, and that is why the ban should end. The COVID Alert app relies on the Google and Apple Exposure Notification API that uses Bluetooth to communicate anonymous codes between smartphones with the app in...
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Health Canada’s COVID-19 contact tracking app helps even if it works only on newer phones: Tam – The Canadian News

OTTAWA - Responding to criticism that the federal "COVID Alert" app only works on newer smartphones, Dr. Theresa Tam says it is one of many tools to combat the new coronavirus. The app launched last week is intended to inform users if their phones have recently been near a registered phone for someone who has tested positive for COVID-19. But it works only on phones released in the last five years or so because it needs a relatively recent operating system. Critics say that will leave out older and poorer Canadians, who are more likely to use older devices and suffer the worst effects of the virus. The government said Monday that 1.1 million people had downloaded the app. Tam says we need to use all the tools we have to combat the pandemic, even if they are not perfect. ...