Tuesday, October 20


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TikToker shows simple hack to remove buildup and gunk from a hairbrush

Clean That Up! might be the most useful TikTok channel on the web. The self-professed “CEO of Clean” goes only by the username cleanthatup on the social platform, but their account is full of practical tips for cleaning just about anything. In fact, the mystery man is actually the third-generation owner of his family’s carpet cleaning business. He credits his grandparents with instilling a passion for hygiene in him.Whether it’s removing carpet stains, getting out the gunk from your AirPods or sanitizing sponges, cleanthatup can do it all.This July the page’s simple hack for removing hairbrush buildup went viral with over 5 million views. “Let it soak in warm water and shampoo for an hour,” he explains in the video. “Then take a toothpick and easily ...