Monday, January 18

Child Pornography

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CRIME HUNTER: Revolving prison door for child porn collectors

The Georgia judge left little doubt when he sentenced Peter Mallory to 1,000 years in the slammer.Mallory, 72, a former TV station owner, had an insatiable appetite for vile child pornography.At his 2013 sentencing, the judge described him as “probably the most prolific collector of child pornography in the entire world.”In December 2012, he was found guilty of a staggering 60 counts of sexual exploitation of children, tampering with evidence and invasion of privacy.Detectives found 26,000 files on his computers containing child pornography. The wealthy collector had an infinite number of images and videos showing “children being raped, tortured and sexually exploited.”Game. Set. Match. Right? Wrong.On May 27, he was paroled after the parole board decided the twisted man deserved...