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What sets the Chevrolet Silverado and GMC Sierra apart from each other?

Experts claim our upbringing forms a large part of our personality as adults. However, we’re willing to wager nearly everyone reading these digital words knows a pair of siblings that grew up in the same house but ended up following very different paths in life.And if you don’t know any, you’re probably that very sibling.The same can happen in a big car company. General Motors has a house full of nameplates, all playing together under one roof. Occasionally, one gets upset when the parents unfairly dole out some of the good toys, like when Buick showed up with the very pretty Avista concept coupe just after Chevy mailed in the Camaro redesign.One of the best examples of this ‘not-fair!’ sibling rivalry? Chevrolet’s Silverado and GMC’s Sierra. Both trucks share virtually everythi...
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Lease the Beast: the biggest, baddest trucks you can lease 

Leasing a vehicle, like eating an entire poutine or saying “yes” to the menu at Swiss Chalet, is something that should be approached with caution. Restrictions are many, ranging from how many clicks you can put on the odometer to how much you can modify the vehicle itself. Run afoul of these guidelines and the lease-end inspector could come down on you faster than your author’s arteries slam shut after ingesting his second bacon sandwich of the day.This form of ownership (rental, to be precise) does have its benefits, especially if you own a business. Stated simply, a manufacturer projects the value of their vehicle at lease end, called the residual. The difference between this number and the agreed-upon sales price will be paid by the customer, split into equal payments over th...
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Basic hitch: how to option every 2020 full-size light-duty truck for work

Believe it or not, there are some customers who buy or lease a truck and actually make the thing work for a living. As it happens, manufacturers know not all pickups will lead a semi-charmed life of shuttling kids to the rink and making Costco runs on weekends.That’s why it remains possible to configure full-size light-duty trucks for labour, not luxury.They make up a small but important percentage of the product mix, inhabiting our nation’s job sites while ferrying hard-working Canadians to the oil patch or construction areas.We’ve delved into each of the five models available in today’s so-called ‘half-ton’ class, choosing specs designed to help customers get the job done, not impress the neighbours. Where possible, the trucks in this list will have four-wheel-drive and an eig...
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2021 Chevrolet Silverado, GMC Sierra may hold off on interior upgrades

When GM’s new-for-2019 Silverado and Sierra pickup trucks appeared on the scene, they were lauded in several categories except for one — the interior. Ram offers a Jumbotron infotainment system and sumptuous interior trappings, while Ford just dropped the 2021 F-150 with a few cabin tricks all of its own. GM’s accommodations, while perfectly serviceable, are definitely the most familiar of the bunch.Taking a peek at the company’s fleet order book for the 2021 model year seems to indicate those hoping for a Silverado/Sierra reno job may have to wait until 2022. According to the information, the truck’s infotainment systems remain capped at 8 inches, even on the snazziest High Country and Denali trims. This strongly suggests the 2021 trucks will not receive the 2021 Tahoe/Yukon re...