Thursday, October 29

Canadian Economy

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Canada’s economy grows 4.5 percent in May: Statistics from Canada – The Canadian News

Statstics Canada says the economy grew 4.5 percent in May as companies began reopening after severe March and April blockades. In a preliminary estimate for June, the agency says the economy continued to grow at an annualized rate of 5 percent. Despite two months of growth after two months of negative readings, economic output contracted by 12 percent in the second quarter. More to come
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WUDRICK: Trudeau spent the rainy day fund back when the sun was shining

One trillion dollars. A one with twelve zeroes after it. A thousand billion dollars.It’s where Canada’s federal debt is heading in the next half year.We all knew the number was going to be jaw-dropping, but it turned out to be even worse than even the most pessimistic predictions.On March 27, the Parliamentary Budget Office estimated this year’s federal deficit would hit $112 billion. By April 30, that estimate had jumped to $252 billion.But when Finance Minister Bill Morneau revealed his ‘fiscal snapshot’ this week, the deficit had ballooned to a whopping $343 billion. That means our existing $775 billion federal debt will now increase by over 40% in a single year. That will put it well over a trillion dollars for the first time.By comparison, the last time the debt rose by $343...