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Electric Vehicle Charger Blanket Spreads Even Further Across Canada: Report

A new report says there has been a 15 percent increase in electric vehicle chargers in Canada since March 2020. The report of Electric autonomy Canada states that over the past 10 months, 1,023 new electric vehicle charging stations have been installed across the country to bring the total number of stations to 6,016. At these 6,016 stations, there are 13,230 chargers, and 2,264 of them are the newest DC fast chargers that can recharge a car in about an hour or less. Canada's electric vehicle charging market is still fractured when it comes down to it, and Tesla has the largest single-brand charging network. Combining bigger brands like Charge point, Flo and Petro Canada, they have more stations across the country. That being said, Tesla still has a lot m...
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Zack Snyder’s Justice League to premiere in Canada at Crave on March 18

Warner Bros. has announced that Zack Snyder's Justice League It will launch in Canada exclusively on Crave on March 18. This is the same date the superhero movie will premiere on the US-exclusive HBO Max streaming service. The film is director Zack Snyder's four-hour cut of League of JusticeWarner Bros. DC's superhero movie, which first released in 2017 to mostly negative reviews. Snyder had worked on League of Justice for several months until he left the project after the death of his daughter, Avengers director Joss Whedon to come in and significantly rewrite and film the movie. After the poor reception of the theatrical version of League of Justice, a contingent of fans called for Snyder's version of the movie to be finished an...
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Steam’s ‘Games From Quebec Sale’ offers savings on tons of Canadian-made games

Steam has started a full sale dedicated to games made in Quebec. While a sale focused on a particular province may seem limited, it really is not when you consider that Quebec is one of the top five game development centers in the world. In total, there are more than 240 studios in the province. See below some of the more notable offers:You can find the full list of offers here. The Quebec Games offer runs through February 1 at 10 am PT / 1 pm ET. Image Credit: Thunder lotus
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911 coverage finally reaches Fort Nelson, one of the last places in Canada without it

Residents of Fort Nelson, BC and the Northern Rockies Regional Municipality in the northeast of the province can now dial 911 for emergencies. As reported by Fort Nelson was one of the last places in Canada without 911 services. Instead, residents had to call 10-digit phone numbers for emergency services (each had a different number). As of January 27, people in the region will be able to dial 911 from a cell phone or landline. By dialing the number, they will be connected to an answering service based in Grande Prairie, Alberta. That service will connect callers to the appropriate emergency service. Unsurprisingly, the lack of 911 service has caused problems in the past. notes that the summer tourist season was particularly bad...
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Microsoft and NPower launch accelerator to equip underrepresented youth for digital careers

Canada Digital technology supercluster, an industry collaboration of some of Canada's biggest names in technology, communications, healthcare and more, announced an investment in the Canadian Tech Talent Accelerator project to bring in-demand technology skills to young Canadians. The digital supercluster includes companies like Microsoft, TELUS, LifeLabs, and more. A complete list can be found here. The accelerator will receive a total investment of $ 8.7 million, which includes $ 7.3 million from industry and $ 1.4 million from the Candian government. Additionally, NPower Canada, a workforce development initiative, will collaborate with Microsoft Canada and Blueprint to launch Tech Talent Accelerator. The program will offer a ...
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EA opens new studio in Vancouver to develop ‘Skate 4’

Electronic Arts has formed a new studio in Vancouver called Full Circle that will develop the next game at the Rollerblading franchise. Daniel McCulloch, who previously led Microsoft's Xbox Live division, has been named Full Circle general manager. Also, Full Circle has brought back ex Rollerblading creative leads Deran Chung and Cuz Parry to headline the latest installment in the skate franchise. To help develop the currently untitled Rollerblading game (informally called "Skating 4"), EA now hiring for various positions, including Senior Character Artist, Artificial Intelligence Engineer, and Gameplay Designer. Full Circle is EA's third studio in Vancouver, after EA Vancouver (FIFA and NHL) and a secondary studio from Respawn En...
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What EB Games Canada’s PS5 Privacy Breach Could Mean to Customers

In the US, video game retailer GameStop has been a trending topic on the internet for its actions. increasing significantly due to Reddit. However, GameStop's Canadian division, EB Games, has been the subject of an entirely different controversy. On Tuesday, January 26, the retailer restocked the PlayStation 5 in Canada, a routine activity since November, as the system repeatedly depletes within minutes. However, upon completion of the purchase, several customers began to notice something peculiar: EB Games Canada's website displayed the personal information of other customers. This information included names, phone numbers and addresses, although the credit card details appear to be safe. Following these reports, MobileSyrup contacted EB Games Canada several times, but no respons...
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EB Games Canada allegedly displayed buyers’ personal data when they were in queue for PS5

Several EB Games Canada customers report that the retailer's website leaked personal information when they tried to purchase a PlayStation 5 online. Talking to MobileSyrup, two EB Games customers who requested to remain anonymous reported that the issue started this morning following the restocking of the highly sought after PlayStation console. According to the two people, the EB Games site experienced a problem during the checkout process that resulted in the display of the personal information of other customers. This included the names, addresses and phone numbers of customers, although credit card information has not been reported to have been leaked. One of the people provided the following images of what customers were able...
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Here’s what’s coming to Amazon Prime Video Canada in February 2021

Every month Amazon adds new movies and shows to its Prime Video streaming service in Canada. Some of this month's highlights include the Gerard Butler / Morena Baccarin disaster film. Greenland, the dark comic thriller directed by Rosamund Pike I care a lot and the original Coming to america ahead of Prime Video's March release of its sequel. See below the full list of new content for February: February 1stAnother 48 hrs. Beverly Hills Cop II Beverly Hills Cop III The great sick Dream girls 48 hrs. Unlimited Person of Interest (Seasons 1-5)February 4thFebruary 5thhappiness [Amazon Original] Greenland [Amazon Original]February 8thThe Equalizer (series premiere) via StackTV for $ 12.99 / monthFebruary 11thThe secret...
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Made in Vancouver, Celeste Classic gets a free sequel that you can play in your browser

Vancouver-based Extremely Ok Games (EXOK) has unveiled Classic blue 2, a sequel to his acclaimed Classic Celeste platform game that you can play for free right now. On Twitter, EXOK director Maddy Thorson said the studio is releasing the game now to celebrate. Light bluethird anniversary.To celebrate Celeste's third anniversary, we made a sequel to Celeste Classic for PICO-8 😀 you can play Celeste Classic 2 now on the web or pico-8! - Maddy Thorson (@MaddyThorson) January 25, 2021However, as the name suggests, Classic blue 2 is actually a 2016 successor Classic Celeste, which was made by Thorson and Noel Berry in four days for the Pico-8 virtual platform as part of a game. From 2018 Light blue it was a ...
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Moovit’s Global Public Transit Report Shows Impacts of COVID-19 on Canadian Transportation

Moovit, the company behind a smartphone transit app of the same name, released its 2020 Annual Global Public Transit Report with some interesting statistics on Canadian public transit use amid the pandemic. Moovit's report leverages big data that the company said was analyzed from tens of millions of ride requests. Additionally, the company combined the data with user research in 104 metropolitan areas in 28 countries. For Canada, the report specifically looks at data in the Toronto, Montreal, and Greater Vancouver areas. The report compares 2019 and 2020, demonstrating the impact of COVID-19 and more. Additionally, some metrics measured by the report include the duration of a round trip on public transportation, the time spent ...
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Vancouver-made Apple TV + series The Snoopy Show Gets First Trailer

Apple has released the first trailer of its original series Apple TV + Snoopy show, which debuted exclusively in People. Produced by Vancouver-based WildBrain, the animated series follows the iconic beagle Peanuts and his best friend Woodstock on all kinds of new adventures.Snoopy show premieres on Apple TV + on February 5. The series is part of a larger exclusive deal Apple has for Peanuts content. For more information on what's coming to Apple's streaming service in 2021, check out our roundup here. Image Credit: Apple