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Real Canadian Superstore offering some people a second chance to pre-order PS5

The Royal Canadian Superstore offers customers who have been previously notified that their pre-orders for PlayStation 5 have been canceled that they have a second chance to order one. On October 17, the retailer began taking pre-orders online, but shortly after they went live, multiple customers noticed that they were being emailed to say that their orders were canceled due to overselling. Now some of these customers are receiving emails from Real Canadian Superstore customer service to give them another chance to pre-order Sony's next-generation game console. About him VideoGameDealsCanada subreddit, multiple Real Canadian Superstore customers have shared that they have received the following email: "Great news! After all, we can...
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Google Pixel 5 is now available in Canada

Google's Pixel 5 is now available to buy in Canada. The company's latest flagship offers a 4,000mAh battery, 8GB of RAM, Qualcomm's Snapdragon 765G processor, and a dual-camera setup. The Pixel 5 is available with 128GB of storage and costs $ 799 outright in the 'Sage Green' and 'Just Black' color variants. You can buy the Pixel 5 on the Google website here. However, at the moment, the phone is out of stock in the Google Store, probably due to pre-orders. You can also buy the Pixel 5 at Telus, Rogers, Koodo, Defenderor, Freedom MobileY Best Buy. You can learn more about Pixel 5 pricing here.
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Ubisoft Toronto’s Watch Dogs: Legion Is A Triumph Of Innovative Game Design

Playing as multiple characters in a video game is not a novel concept, especially in party-based RPGs. In fact, you could even argue that allowing you to take on the roles of many different characters is one of the most unique and compelling aspects of the medium. But what about a game where you can play like nobody? That's the elevator pitch behind Ubisoft Toronto's new open-world hacking game, Watch Dogs: Legion. Where 2014's watchdogs made you play as vengeful Uncle Aiden Pearce and 2016 Watch dogs 2 put yourself in the shoes of the charming hacktivist Marcus Holloway, Legion allows you to recruit and control any non-player character (NPC), out of a few selected static key figures, in their virtual representation of a London of the near future.While this is an incredibly ambiti...
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CRTC, Telecommunications Companies Refuse to Share Data on SIM Kidnapping and Prevention Efforts

The Canadian Radio, Television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC), along with a group of telecommunications companies, have refused to release data on how widespread a SIM card fraud problem is in Canada. Furthermore, the telecoms regulator and telecommunications themselves will not detail the measures taken to prevent SIM card fraud, saying it could help scammers commit crimes. According to a report Vice motherboard, he CRTC responded to a request for information presented by the Public Interest Advocacy Center (PIAC), a non-profit organization that advocates for consumer rights. The CRTC's response sided with telcos, supporting the decision not to release information on how mobile operators plan to protect customers from SIM card fraud. Furthermore, the CRTC refused to op...
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Apple’s iPhone 12 and 12 Pro are now available in Canada

Some of Apple's newer iPhones are already available in Canada. Both the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro should now be available both in stores and carriers. Those who pre-ordered the phones will likely start receiving the device or be able to pick it up from the retailer they ordered from. If you haven't reserved a new iPhone, there are a few ways to buy one. First, if you go to the Apple website, you can request a iPhone 12 starting at $ 1,129 CAD or a iPhone 12 Pro from $ 1,399. There's also Best Buy, The fountain and other retailers. Those who prefer to get their iPhone through a carrier should check the carriers' sites for details on how to buy the iPhone 12, either outright or on a plan. Below are the links to each:For more...
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Xbox ‘Hack Sale’ Offers Up To 70 Percent Discount On Ubisoft Games, Replace Covers With Watch Dogs Pig

Ubisoft is offering up to 70 percent off a wide selection of its games on Xbox One, although this is a bit different than your average sale. Interestingly, the publisher is also using this 'Hack Sale' as an opportunity to promote Ubisoft Toronto Watch Dogs: Legion, which will be released on October 29. Specifically, Ubisoft has replaced the faces of the characters on the covers of their games with Winston, the pig mask that he wears. Legionhacktivist characters. See below some of the more notable offerings:You can find the full list of offers here. The sales last until November 5. Please note that any game you purchase on Xbox One, including all of these Ubisoft titles, will be playable on Xbox Series X / S with upgrades. Both...
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Withings’ new ‘ScanWatch’ fitness tracker arrives in Canada

Fitness technology company Withings announced that its new fitness smartwatch, the 'ScanWatch', is available in Canada, Japan and Europe. In a tweet, Withings shared a photo of the new fitness band along with his smartphone app and the 'Hello Canada' message. According to the tweet, the ScanWatch will be available on the Withings website or through Best Buy Canada or Amazon Canada. At the time of writing, ScanWatch was not on the Amazon website, but it was on Best Buy and in Withings site. That is likely to change in the coming days. Withings fitness watches are quite unique compared to many other options like the Apple Watch or Fitbit. Rather than a full smartwatch, the ScanWatch looks more like a typical analog watch but with...
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Alberta-raised Cree actor to play Tiger Lily in Peter Pan movie

Alberta-raised Cree actor Alyssa Wapanatahk will play the indigenous princess Tiger Lily in Peter Pan and Wendy, Disney's Next Live Action Peter Pan Film adaptation. Wapanatahk said The Canadian Press that he has closed the deal with the US studio, but is not giving interviews at this time. The actor was born in Fort McMurray, Alberta, and has lived there as well as Conklin, Alberta. Additionally, it is a member of the Cree Bigstone First Nation, and its reservation is Wabasca, which is located in Treaty 8 territory, southwest of Fort McMurray, according to its website. Additionally, Wapanatahk wrote, produced, and directed a short film called Napes Kasekipatwat / The Boy and the Braid, which discussed the teenagers' struggles of ...
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Google Stadia Gets An Exclusive Demo Of Ubisoft Quebec’s Immortals: Fenyx Rising On October 22

Ubisoft has announced that it is offering an exclusive demo of Stadia for Ubisoft Quebec. Immortals: Fenyx Rising October 22. The exclusive Stadia demo was first confirmed last month along with the reveal of the first footage from the Greek mythology-inspired action-adventure game, though no release date had been specified as of yet. A Stadia account is required to play, although you can sign up for free at using a Gmail account. No purchase or Stadia Pro membership required. In Immortals Players travel through an open world consisting of seven regions inspired by Greek gods to defeat Typhon, the deadliest Titan in Greek mythology. Read our preview of the Breath of the wild-I play here. Immortals It will launch ...
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Apple’s Snoopy in Space Season 2, New Peanuts Specials to be Produced by Vancouver’s WildBrain

Apple has announced a host of new Peanuts content that will be produced exclusively for its Apple TV + platform by Vancouver-based animation studio WildBrain. This is an expansion of Apple's existing partnership with WildBrain, which led to the first season of Apple TV +. Snoopy in space. As part of the new deal, WildBrain will animate the show's newly announced second season. Additionally, WildBrain will produce a list of new specials featuring the Peanuts cast for Mother's Day, Earth Day, New Year's Eve, and Back to School. This next program is added to Snoopy show, which WildBrain is producing in conjunction with Imagine Documentaries for a premiere on February 5, 2021 on Apple TV +. Additionally, Apple confirmed that classic P...
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40 Percent of Canadians Spend More on Phones Online During Pandemic: Statistics from Canada

Forty-four percent of Canadians have spent more on online technology during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Statistics Canada. The data come from Statistics Canada's 'Canadian Perspectives Survey Series' (CPSS), which has been polling a panel of Canadians since March, and its fifth and most recent iteration took place in September. Based on the latest findings, 42 percent of Canadians indicated they spent more on streaming video services, and 40 percent spent more on smartphones. Additionally, 34 percent of Canadians spent more on their mobile and home Internet connections. In contrast, 96 percent of respondents reported spending less (or nothing) on ​​short-term rentals, domestic and / or international travel. Outside of online spending, the CPSS found that 42 percent of Cana...
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How the Canadian Video Game Industry is Addressing COVID-19

During the last few months, it is has been well documented how game developers quickly switched to remote work amid the COVID-19 outbreak. And while working from home is not without its challenges, it does at least help ensure that game creators can continue their craft safely. Meanwhile, the industry has benefited from massive spikes in game sales and activity in ongoing multiplayer titles. Addressing Rising COVID-19 Cases Among Youth But what about the people who actually play these games? How have they been handling the pandemic? That's exactly what #CrushCOVID campaign intended to address. Conceived by the Entertainment Software Association of Canada (ESAC), the country's gaming industry lobby group, and the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC), #CrushCOVID is designed to promo...