Monday, October 26


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Meghan Markle contacts her supporter to thank her for raising money for Camfed

By Jamie Samhan. 10 seconds ago Meghan Markle contacted a fan after they helped set up and run the #InspiredByMeghan campaign to raise funds for Camfed. The Twitter account @freepeeper has been raising awareness about organization that promotes girls' education. and so far, along with other supporters of the Duchess of Sussex, they have been able to raise almost $ 80,000. “First, I heard from Harry and Meghan's team. They contacted me to thank supporters for @Camfed's birthday fundraiser. He was very attentive. His representative was charming, ”they revealed on Twitter. "He was excited that we had hit his radar. That was enough for me. " RELATED: Meghan Markle to Become Interviewer, Touching Newsrooms and Gender Equity, in Upcoming Public Engagement Then...