Friday, October 30

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You can now vacation inside a 90-foot-tall vacated water tower from 1892

Don’t be afraid to book your next warm-weather trip at the Sunset Beach Water Tower.This southern California dream vacation home is inside a renovated water tower, first built in 1892. By 1986 it had become dilapidated and was nearly torn down before a group of junior college professors banded together to save it. In 2017, Scott Ostlund bought the property and renovated it with his partner, but the pair made sure to maintain the tower’s unique history.The 3,000-square-foot property is inside of a 90-foot-tall sphere. That means it has a 360-degree view on every floor. Each room in the home, with four bedrooms and baths, has a historic theme.In the aviation-inspired, third-floor party room, Ostlund added plaques from each view along its circumference. This wa...