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Calgary, On the Road

Fixing and finding new homes for old bikes

When Ian Simister retired three years ago from a lifetime spent working in the oil industry, his wife told him he needed a hobby. He had planned to take his golf game a bit more seriously, but the Calgarian realized he would need to do more than just hit the links. That’s when Simister recalled his early motorcycling days.“I grew up in Thorncliffe,” Simister says, “And 50 years ago, the northwest Calgary community had nothing but farmland and prairie beyond it.“When I was 14, my dad came home with a Honda 90, pointed to the fields, and said, ‘Knock yourself out.’”Not literally, of course, but he simply meant ride and have some fun.“It was a complete surprise to me, because my dad wasn’t that mechanically interested in anything. But he did say, if I broke it, I’d have to fix it.”...
Calgary, Road Test

Reader Review: 2020 Toyota Camry XSE V6 TRD

Incredulity was par for the course as Brian Smith spent a week testing the new Toyota Camry TRD.‘THAT’s a Toyota Camry!?’ people queried the Calgarian as he took his kids to one of their first basketball practices in the cautiously re-opening city during this new pandemic-era. They weren’t the only ones to respond in such a manner.And yes, it’s a Camry. It’s actually the first TRD-tuned – for Toyota Racing Development – Camry that Toyota has ever produced. Based on the eighth-generation Camry, a five-passenger sedan that was redesigned and launched for the 2018 model year, this TRD version adds to the XSE V6 model some unique and aggressive styling with an aerodynamic body kit. Included in that kit is a front splitter, side skirts, a trunk lid spoiler and rear diffuser. The TRD ...