Tuesday, October 27

Cadillac XT5

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2020 Chevrolet Blazer or Cadillac XT5: Which model and trim should you buy?

Beside its nameplate, today’s Chevrolet Blazer has little in common with its long-forgotten predecessor, born a half-century ago (to compete with a certain recently re-released Ford Bronco, in case you missed it). While the first Blazer, code-named K5, was a semi-clone of the then GM pickups (we’re talking body-on-frame architecture powered by straight-sixes and V8s), its resurrection, launched last year, is an SUV that resembles a luxury vehicle, which puts it square in the sights of GM’s Cadillac division.More specifically, the Cadillac XT5.In fact, this duet started out being a comparison with the bigger, 3-row sibling Chevrolet Traverse. But, there was so little differences between the Blazer and the XT5 that we thought it better to analyze when to stop investing in Chevy’s ...