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COVID alert bug left some users without exposure notifications for two weeks

Canada's COVID alert app received an update to correct a bug that left multiple users without exposure notifications for two weeks in November. The update, which was released on November 23rd, included a patch note stating that it fixes a "bug causing gaps in exposure checks for some users." explains that the bug meant that some users would not have received notifications if they came into close contact with someone who had COVID-19. Also, it's unclear how many people missed these exposure notifications due to the glitch. According to , the issue was first brought to the developer's attention by the commenters in the Google Play Store already on November 12. Together with Play Store users, spoke with Urs Hengartner, an associate professor of computer science at the University of...
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The bug reverts the Google Assistant interface to a previous version by some pixels

When Google Pixel 4 was released, Google also introduced a new Google Assistant interface with a more compact, semi-transparent user interface with a multi-colored bar indicating that the Assistant was listening. However, a bug seems to have reversed that new UI for many Pixel users. Discovered by 9to5Google, the error seems to change the Assistant UI on some Pixel 4, 4a, 4a 5G and 5 devices. When you activate the Assistant, either by swiping up from the corner of the screen or via the "Hello Google" message. You will see an older Wizard user interface. The older user interface features an opaque card with rounded corners and has the Assistant icon in the upper left corner with a speech bubble and text that says, "Hi, how can I he...
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Instagram fixes a bug that allowed users to download deleted images and messages

A security researcher mistakenly received a reward payment of $ 6,000 USD (approximately $ 7,952.22 CAD) after discovering a flaw that allowed Instagram to retain private photos and direct messages on its servers after they were deleted. As reported by TechCrunch, independent security researcher Saugat Pokharel discovered the error when he tried to download his data using the tool provided by Instagram. The Facebook-owned company launched the data download tool in 2018 to comply with Europe's new GDPR regulations. When Pokharel downloaded his data, he found that the pictures and private messages he sent and then deleted were included in the download. It's worth noting that companies often retain data after users delete it, but us...
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Facebook SDK bug causing crashes on popular iOS apps, here’s a workaround

A bug with Facebook’s iOS software development kit (SDK) is causing crashes on several popular iPhone apps like Spotify, Pinterest and Tinder. Thankfully there’s simple fix until the glitch gets sorted out. Unfortunately, you don’t even need the Facebook app installed to fall victim to the bug. Many developers leverage the Facebook SDK to support features like logging in through Facebook within their apps. Because of this, it seems many apps that rely on the SDK are having issues. The Verge reports that this is the second time an issue like this has happened in the last few months. Thankfully, the publication also has a workaround for those impacted: Lockdown Apps. Lockdown Apps is a firewall and privacy protection app on iOS that ...