Tuesday, October 27


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Ja Rule slams ESPN’s tweet about his Bucks game performance

Whether it was under the influence of the “Sunday Scaries” or not, the people behind ESPN’s Twitter account decided on July 26 to randomly share a year-and-a-half old embarrassing moment for rapper Ja Rule.Never forget this Ja Rule moment pic.twitter.com/exqr24Dhbg— ESPN (@espn) July 26, 2020The clip is of a halftime performance at a Milwaukee Bucks game. Ja Rule, who is about to start his set, asks the crowd, “Are we ready?” and gets almost no reaction. “I guess not,” Ja Rule says, looking defeated, before walking down the stage.Apparently the moment is funny to everyone who isn’t Ja Rule. The rapper responded to the resurfaced memory by going on a five-tweet rampage labeling ESPN as “unprofessional.” Ja Rule claimed the company was trying to “discredit” him by sharing ...