Saturday, October 24


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TikToker comes up with trick to stop your ex from texting you

Breaking up in the 21st century is hard. Social media can be a constant reminder of past relationships and the opportunity to reach out to your ex is almost too easy when you’ve got their phone number.TikTok has already shared a clever hack to stop yourself from reaching out to your ex, but the flip side is dealing with an ex who won’t leave you alone. Luckily Gage Anderson shared an easy trick that takes seconds and can deter your ex from texting you ever again.“How to get someone to stop texting you,” Anderson captioned the video.To prevent further emotionally manipulative messages, Anderson suggests pretending that there’s a “service error” — implying to the other person that you’ve either changed your number or blocked them.“Service error 305: mes...
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9 Excuses You Should Stop Using To Stay In A Shitty Relationship

1. “I'll leave eventually.” There's no reason to procrastinate. Don't wait until tomorrow to do something you can accomplish today. The longer you wait, the harder it's going to be to leave. Besides, you don't want to lead someone on who cares about you. You don't want them to grow too attached if you're planning on leaving them eventually. 2. “The sex is amazing.” You don't want to stay in a relationship for the wrong reasons. It's wonderful you've found someone who makes you feel good physically, but you deserve someone who makes you feel good emotionally, too. You don't want all your fondest memories to be in the bedroom. You should be friends as well as lovers. 3. “I don't want to start over.” It's scary to call yourself single after years o...