Saturday, October 24


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Woman considers leaving boyfriend after he throws out bed frame to play video games

A 27-year-old woman is considering dumping her boyfriend thanks to the bold decorating decision he made simply to play video games.Posting in Reddit’s r/relationships forum under the username throwawayvr000, the woman described her dilemma.Her 23-year-old boyfriend, she explained, is “really interested in virtual reality,” though the “tiny studio apartment” they share is hardly big enough for him to “jump around in” when he immerses himself in VR.Well, throwawayvr000’s boyfriend finally decided that he needed more space — and in order to create it, he completely rearranged the apartment without throwawayvr000’s permission.‘Our entire home is being compromised’Recently, throwawayvr000 came home to her boyfriend dismantling their bed. When she asked wh...