Friday, October 30

Boys and girls

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Four-year-old has some choice advice for boys: ‘You have to have manners.’

Four-year-old Delilah recently learned an important life lesson that all women come to realize at some point — a lot of men need to learn some manners before talking to a girl.She was enjoying her time at a park in San Francisco when a boy started making animal noises to get her attention."We were at the track and a boy was trying to get me to go over and play and he was shouting, 'Caw, caw!'" she said. "But that's not how you win a girl over! You have to have manners and he was saying, 'Meow, meow.' Why was he doing that to a girl? And you don't call a girl over like that, OK guys?"On her way home from the park, Delilah grabbed her mother's phone to tell the boys of the world to get their collective act together."That's not how you get a girl to get over there. You have to use your man...