Friday, October 30


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Disagreement over ‘cheap’ $150 engagement ring leads to breakup: ‘Feels like a bad joke’

An engaged woman sparked a massive discussion online after she admitted that she was angry with her fiancé over a $150 engagement ring — but the tables quickly turned in a twist that no one saw coming.Writing under the name bowdownpls, she shared her conflict on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum — and it later caused quite the buzz on Twitter as well.‘The mood got awkward’In her post, she explained that her fiancé gave her a “nice and understated” ring, which was fine, but she knew he could have done better.“When friends or family get engaged … someone will ask to see the ring and then everyone coos over it and it’s a good time,” she wrote. “When I showed mine the mood got awkward and they feigned excitement just long enough until it was okay to ...